Surprise, You May Have More Than One Soulmate!

Surprise, You May Have More Than One Soulmate!

Many of you wonder why you may have more than one soulmate relationship.┬áNot everyone does, but the majority of us do. For most folks our lives are a progression of relationships.┬áSome of those relationships are clearly soulmate relationships, while others more mundane. There is, however, a purpose for every relationship we have in our lives. … Read more

Soulmate Alchemy Creates Personal and Spiritual Growth

Soulmate Alchemy

Soulmate alchemy is important for all soulmate relationships. But what is soulmate alchemy? As individuals we must experience alchemical transformation. We must do that for the soulmate relationship to overcome challenges and obstacles to soulmate union. STAGES OF SOULMATE ALCHEMY Soulmates are gifted an everlasting connection but there’s still much work to be done. It … Read more

Past Lives – Were You With Your Soulmate in a Past Life?

Past Lives - Were You With Your Soulmate in a Past Life?

Most soulmates share several past lives together. When soulmates meet there’s an immediate connection. And although you don’t know them yet, you feel you already know them on a very deep level. Many spiritual practitioners attribute this to the two souls sharing past lives together. Have you ever met someone for the first time, but … Read more

Soulmate Reunion: When Soulmates Reunite

Soulmate Reunion When Soulmates Reunite

Soulmate reunion is a way of referring to soulmates getting back together. It also refers to them meeting for the first time. Just like any other relationship, there’s no guarantee of a soulmate reunion. We would like think that there is a kind of relationship that is exempt from breaking up, but there isn’t. Sometimes … Read more

Relationship Karma : What Have You Learned?

Relationship Karma : What Have You Learned?

Relationship karma is something we each carry with us in many relationships. Relationship karma.. can be found in the connections we have with family, friends, and co workers. And of course, all romantic relationships. Not every relationship will have karma and not every relationship is karmic. Yet we will learn fundamental lessons in life by … Read more

How Has Your Soulmate Relationship Changed You?

How has Your Soulmate Relationship Changed You?

Has your soulmate relationship changed you? Surely it has. A soulmate relationship is going to bring major changes into your life. We’re not just talking about the kind of change where you will have a closely connected romantic partnership. But change that results from dealing with your soulmate relationship. Hopefully you will change, grow and … Read more