You’re Not Crazy, Your Soulmate Relationship Is

You’re not crazy but is your soulmate driving you crazy?

Soulmate relationships have many ways of making people feel like they’re insane and becoming someone they don’t recognize. Many are just out of control. You don’t know how to do it, but you know you need to get control of yourself. You don’t even know when or how it happened, but you changed. And not in a good way.


You want to become your true self again and behave and think in a rational way. But when it comes to your soulmate, you find your rational mind has left the building. You know how to handle everyone else and always know the right thing to do, but not with your soulmate.

You would never tolerate anyone else confusing you or treating you badly. But when it comes to your soulmate, you let more things slide. Now it’s gotten to the point where you feel as though your soulmate connection is testing your sanity.

You normally wouldn’t care or bother with someone who sends you mixed signals. And you certainly wouldn’t spend hours upon hours, day after day analyzing everything they say and do. You wouldn’t stay on an emotional rollercoaster with anyone else either.

But, crazy as it sounds, you don’t want to get off the ride because the ups are so good, even though the downside is beyond awful. You know the connection exists  and at times you believe your soulmate knows it too. But then out of nowhere, they make you think the exact opposite, because of what they say or do. So which is it?


This constant second guessing is emotionally exhausting. Every couple has issues, soulmates included. You articulate them time and time again what must happen to make your relationship better. Your soulmate acts as though they hear you and they promise they will change. Only they don’t.

You're Not Crazy, Your Soulmate Relationship Is
You’re Not Crazy, Your Soulmate Relationship Is

You wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to keep fighting about the same things over and over again. Why are they willing to destroy the wonderful relationship you could have instead of just making some changes? You aren’t asking them to change in any way that would be detrimental anyway. Yet they keep screwing up.

We would love to give a blanket answer to this problem that could fit all soulmate couples, but we can’t. You need to look into this yourself. Look at your relationship and address the problems without sugar-coating them.

Look at your role in this. Have you created boundaries? Do you enforce those boundaries? Talking or yelling doesn’t count. No one takes that seriously. How do you behave? Have you been above it all, or do you stoop to levels you shouldn’t? Are you pointing the finger at your soulmate when you should be looking at yourself and changes you need to make instead?

If you can’t find the answers yourself, or do not know how to go about creating the change you want, feel free to contact us. But don’t skip the step of really looking into how you got into this mess with your soulmate in the first place.

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