Are Soulmate Relationships Always Exclusive?

Are soulmate relationships always exclusive? No, they’re not. The connection between soulmates can either make people choose to make their standards higher or lower. Some people won’t allow their soulmate relationship to be exclusive. Even though they want more than anything for it to be exclusive. Why?


Many people are afraid if they give their soulmate an ultimatum, they’ll walk away forever. So, they stay in a soulmate relationship that doesn’t make them happy. And this causes anxiety and angst. It also makes the balance in the relationship way off kilter as well. The decision to enter into a relationship with a soulmate who can’t, or won’t, be exclusive is a mistake. Yes, you get to be in a relationship with your soulmate. But is it a healthy one or a dysfunctional one?

Are you moving forward towards being exclusive or are you stuck in a rut? Can they make up their mind or are they still playing the field? Soulmates are supposed to bring out the best in one another. But their free will can actually bring out the worst in each other.

Are Soulmate Relationships Always Exclusive?
Are Soulmate Relationships Always Exclusive?


There are reasons why soulmates are not always exclusive relationships. Sometimes they cross each other’s paths when they’re involved with other people. They’re not ready to end their relationships. But feel powerless to ignore the connection they have with their soulmate.

Sometimes one soulmate get spooked because they’re not ready for the deep emotions and vulnerability that comes with a soulmate. They’re afraid to deal with the strength of their emotions because they feel out of control. And that’s very uncomfortable to them. So they run to someone else they feel “safe with”.

It could also be that they know, deep down, this is “the one” for them but don’t feel ready to settle down just yet. So although they don’t want to see anyone else, they won’t call their relationship exclusive. They just don’t feel ready to face the reality of the situation.

There are some soulmates who abuse the connection to get away with bad behavior. They test their soulmate to see if they will stick around without them having to be exclusive. If their soulmate goes for it and puts up with it, then they are off the hook. Then it is their soulmates problem to deal with, not theirs.

Soulmate relationships have a lot of the same problematic situations that non soulmate relationships have. The difference is that soulmates can have a much more profound, meaningful relationship if they would only give it a real chance. And that has to include exclusivity.

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