How Can I Get My Soulmate Back?

How can I get my soulmate back is one of the biggest searches on google that lead people to our site. We hear you and we understand after you lose a soulmate it’s a horrible, lonely, frustrating time.

No one wants a soulmate relationship to end, and most believe they never will. But they do. Some are temporary, and some are permanent endings.

But before you freak out, calm yourself down a little bit.

If you and your soulmate break up and get back together, chances are it will happen this time too. What you really need to focus on is the fact you keep breaking up and getting back together.

At some point it will end for good if you keep the on/off thing going. It’s not a healthy behavioral pattern for any relationship. And it’s certainly not the relationship dynamics you find in healthy relationships. It might be a good time to look at what role you play in this on again off again game you two play.

You’re lost without them and you don’t know what to do. But remember, you can’t get your soulmate back until they’re ready to come back. And please don’t bother with love spells that make you penniless and accomplish nothing. For right now you have to let go of trying to fix things, because it’s not in your power. You may even make things much, much worse.

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were. ~ Kahlil Gibran
How Can I Get My Soulmate Back?
How Can I Get My Soulmate Back?

There’s nothing worse than having someone you really love with all your heart ripped away from you. Perhaps another love interest is beckoning to your soulmate or a past love has come back. Perhaps your soulmate was promoted to a new position that took them to the other side of the country, or to the other side of the world. Maybe they have to resolve personal issues. They may request time apart or asked for space. Whatever the reason, they’re gone and you’re willing to do anything to get them back.


We totally understand and empathize with your situation. The solution to every soulmate dilemma however is different. The way to fix your specific problem is different from that of anyone else. The solution to every soulmate relationship is different because the people in every relationship are all special and unique.

What works for one may not necessarily work for another. This is when a soulmate reading with Sarah and Sophia will benefit you. They be able to provide honest, accurate predictions as to whether or not you and your soulmate will get back together. You will be given the best guidance to help your specific situation.

You may be the type who likes to reach out to try to get your soulmate back. Before you call or text, it’s in your best interest to speak with us first. Of course we realize you want to change the current dynamic. It leaves you feeling lonely, isolated and vulnerable.

You want to fix it and talk to them. You feel the need to do something to make the situation change. Don’t waste your time and energy and possibly make the situation worse. A private consultation with Sarah or Sophia will reveal if you can get your soulmate back. And they’ll clarify the right course of action you should take to provide the best possible outcome.


We provide some details on Interfering with Your Soulmate’s Lessons. And while trying to get them back is not necessarily interfering with their lessons, it’s preventing you from addressing yours. There may be some valuable life lessons of your own you’ll probably miss.

Is the life lesson to relinquish your control on the energy of the situation? Is the life lesson to step back and focus on yourself if your romantic partner pulls away for a bit? If your relationship ends, is it time for you to continue on with your spiritual journey or just wait in limbo?

Whatever the lesson is for you, the best course of action you should take is for the most important person in this relationship. Yourself.

If you need to pay your bills, clean your house, get the oil changed in your car, mow the lawn, and a hundred other things you’ve neglected while plotting and planning how to win them back, your focus needs to shift. Whether your soulmate comes back or not, you need to keep your own life running as best you can. This will ensure your life is still where it needs to be.

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13 thoughts on “How Can I Get My Soulmate Back?”

  1. Wow, this is so informative, I haven’t been focusing on myself and I try and try but I can’t get him out of my mind. I’ve looked for ways to stop thinking of him even when I’ve seen red flags as they say. I’ve told myself I will take care of me love me and get myself together, but the more I don’t hear from him the more fear strikes. But why? Is negative energy also the cause of our speration ? Can that really be the case or is something different? Are we really suppose to be together or is he just a life lesson. I’ve tried to date and meet other people but no one intrigues me like he does.

    • we are unable to answer personal questions in the comments section due to confidentiality issues, but we can address them if you contact us for a reading.

    • We do all our readings using Click4Advisor. You can find the links and buttons for that on our Contact Us page as well as our individual pages.

  2. it’s been a year and not a single day goes by that I don’t cry. I’ve tried so many times to get through to her. But nothing works. But I still hold onto hope idk why. But I just can’t move on. All I want is to see her again. 🙁

    • On the site you were on there is a contact us button and that page has the advisors click4advisor and Ether buttons for you to get a readings. The advisors do not do email/free readings.

  3. I want my soul mate back, its been 4 years since we separated but all the memories of us flash so clearly in my mind as if they were yesterday’s. I cant love like I did, I have really tried to let go but its tearing me apart inside

  4. I know who my soulmate is & I truly want him back in my life. I know I could never give up on us although we have be seperated for such a length of time.

    • On each of our individual pages, there are Call Buttons for Click4Advisor or Ether. You will need an account with one of those to call us. It is the only way we do psychic readings.

  5. A soulmate connection is not one that is created out of need, fear, or obsession. A soulmate relationship is not supported by an addiction to your soulmate. Soulmate love is not based on the desire to control because you fear losing them and feel you will not be complete without them.


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