Soulmate Contract – Soulmate Agreement – Soulmate Blueprint

Soulmate Contract - Soulmate Agreement - Soulmate Blueprint

A soulmate contract, or agreement, is a contract we make with our soulmates before incarnation. Another soul agrees to assist you with lessons or experiences, and vice versa. We all have soul contracts with those we incarnate with over many lifetimes. Many people in the spiritual community refer to them as our soul family. You … Read more

Do Soulmate Relationships End?

Do Soulmate Relationships End?

On the physical plane many soulmate relationships end. But they can transform into different types of relationships within both the current and future lifetimes. When we’re talking about soulmates, in the true sense of the word, the relationship is endless. A soulmate relationship is eternal. And soulmates will incarnate with each other over and over … Read more

Twin Flame Relationship Presley and Ethel Bradshaw

Ethel and Presley Bradshaw twin flame soulmates

Presley and Ethel Bradshaw had a real twin flame relationship. This couple from Louisville, Kentucky were for 73 years! All we can say to that is WOW! TOGETHER UNTIL THE END Although Ethel entered a nursing home four years ago when her health started to fade, her husband continued to visit her until moving into … Read more

Twin Flame Relationship of June Carter and Johnny Cash

The twin flame relationship of June Carter and Johnny Cash is a great love story. Their love story is depicted in Walk the Line starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix as June Carter and Johnny Cash. Their 35-year marriage is one of the greatest love stories of all time. They truly had the ultimate twin … Read more