Twin Flame Relationship Presley and Ethel Bradshaw

Ethel and Presley Bradshaw twin flame relationship soulmates
Twin Flame Relationship

Presley and Ethel Bradshaw had a real twin flame relationship. This couple from Louisville, Kentucky were for 73 years! All we can say to that is WOW!


Although Ethel entered a nursing home four years ago when her health started to fade, her husband continued to visit her until moving into the home to be with her two years later. They lived together for longer than a lifetime. And then on January 23, 2012, they died within four hours of each other. They are truly the divine example of a divine union.

Even though Ethel suffered dementia she certainly must have felt her husband, Presley, as he went to heaven. This loving husband would hold her hand and kiss her lovingly until the end. She may not have been consciously aware of his crossing, but her soul knew. There was no way she would stay earthbound without him by her side. So she too, just four hours later, quietly left this world to be reunited with him on the other side.


We will never know the life lessons or these two great souls. What we can know is their love was the foundation of their twin flame relationship. Their spiritual path occurred while they were in the relationship together. Certainly there were issues, arguments and concerns just like any relationship would have. But they were able to work through the issues and receive their personal growth together.

As we discuss in other postings, soulmates and twin flames, usually do most of their spiritual growth during the breakup phases of the relationship. It seems we experience the greatest potential for growth when we’re in pain. Painful experiences teach spiritual growth.

When we’re in the dark night of the soul, we reach out to the Divine to aid our suffering. Breakups and ending of a soulmate relationship, or twin flame relationship, are very painful experiences. It’s during this time we pull ourselves together and carry on with life, without a soulmate by our side. In and of itself, this is a very challenging situation.

Presley and Ethel, however,experienced the details of their soulmate contract, or soulmate agreement, while they were together. That was the nature and destiny of their twin flame relationship. Few soulmate and twin flame relationships are destined to be together for the long haul. Soulmates come into our lives, we learn and assimilate the experience, and then sadly must end that soulmate relationship. At the time we are unable to see past the heartbreak and devastation we feel because all we can focus on is the loss of the soulmate and the disconnectedness we feel. This was so for Presley and Ethel. They lived, loved and experienced their lives together and were so connected that at the end, they had to depart together so their twin flame relationship could continue on the other side.  Ethel just had no reason to be here any longer without Presley and so she went to be with him to continue to hold his hand in Heaven.

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  1. I have always wondered what makes them work and not us? There are so many relationships that are healthy but still don’t have this soul connection. I want this, I feel I am a great companion in life and can give this unconditional love to another. It seems like a gamble now days on if you will get it back. This article gave me the hope it is out there!


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