Soulmate Glasses – Are they Blinding You to the Truth?

Soulmate Glasses – Are they Blinding You to the Truth? Are you wearing soulmate glasses? When we are in relationships with someone we really care about, or are really into, such as our soulmate, we have a tendency to see the best side of them. We may not see them…

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Is He My Soulmate?

Is he my soulmate? We have been asked this question for many years by thousands of people seeking validation to the question: Is he my soulmate?  Here are some hypothetical scenarios where we could be asked this very question to allow you to better assess your own relationships. I am…

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Soulmate Limbo Sucks

soulmate limbo soulmate reading

Soulmate Limbo Sucks Soulmate limbo is a very difficult place to exist. Actually being in any kind of relationship limbo sucks, but especially so when you are in limbo waiting for your soulmate to get their act together. You feel you can not move forward with your life, because you…

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Ending Your Soulmate Relationship

Ending Your soulmate Relationship

There are many reasons for ending your soulmate relationship. For some it is simply a matter of moving on with their lives. For others there is a realization the soulmate contract has been completed and the relationship has reached it natural closing point. Regardless of the reason, when a soulmate…

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Soulmate Readings for Relationship Sabotage

Soulmate Readings for Relationship Sabotage Soulmate readings are great way to deal with folks who sabotage their relationships. Relationship sabotage happens a lot more than people realize. Some people are consciously aware they are sabotaging their soulmate relationship but others blindly sabotage a relationship. There are many reasons for sabotaging…

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