Do Soulmates Ever Stop Loving Each Other?

We don’t believe soulmates ever stop loving each other. The bond that manifests between soulmates comes from a soul connection. This soul connection last many lifetimes between a soulmate couple.

When soulmates are connected to the relationship, it provides an incredible, exhilarating feeling. Soulmates spend a lot of time together talking, texting and making love until the wee hours of the morning. You think each other’s thoughts and complete each other’s sentences. You have never felt before the love you feel between you.


Then one day, perhaps without warning, the unthinkable happens. Your soulmate needs to take a break. They must tend to something else in their life or they end the relationship out of the blue. After weeks, months and even years of sharing this wonderful connection, it’s gone.

Your soulmate doesn’t want to talk about it. If they do talk about why they’re ending your connection, it either sounds trivial or makes zero sense. Your soulmate may even ghost you.

The connection is so strong, it seemed unbreakable. You didn’t see it coming and it never crossed your mind it would happen.


It can be extremely painful, frustrating and depressing to go through soulmate separations and endings. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a time-out before continuing the relationship. Very often these breaks are temporary yet at other times the break is a permanent one.

When any relationship ends it can take years to work through the emotions. You may feel you can never love again and that you’ll alone for the rest of your life. But in truth, neither of these situations is the correct. It just feels like that right now.

Once you work through the rough emotions you’ll start to feel your old self emerging. Only then can you address what you’ll do with the love you have for your soulmate. There you’ll find it deep within your heart, LOVE. The love you feel toward your soulmate is still there.

But how could you ever stop loving your soulmate? Maybe it’s not the same intense love you felt while you were together. It’s a love that feels comfortable when you remember your time together. Even though you’re are no longer together you still feel a closeness, a bond and a connection to them. Often this is because it truly isn’t over, regardless of how long you’ve been apart.

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Do Soulmates Ever Stop Loving Each Other


True soulmate unions are based on unconditional love. When we love someone without condition, it means that we love them. Period. We don’t love them because of what they’ll do for us or for what they give us.

At times we accept they may not treat us in a loving manner. We love them in spite of their character flaws and behavior patterns, that in others, we find totally intolerable. We love them purely for love’s sake because of the soulmate connection. This love will continue through all our incarnations and lives to come.

So the short answer to the question is NO.

Soulmates don’t stop loving each other but the love changes form. The intensity of love will subside as time heals, if the soulmates must stay apart. That intensity will be replaced by a fond, loving memory of the shared life experiences. There will be moments treasured and life lessons learned.

The ending of a soulmate relationship can be devastating. There are reasons why soulmate relationships have to end. Usually both partners are not responsible for those reasons, only one of them is.

In time, you will find your strength again as you work through your emotions and find peace. Once you do, and you’re safely on the other side, you’ll see the sun again. Only then will you be able to clearly see.

You will know and appreciate why this soulmate relationship was part of your life. Through this soulmate love you will grow, evolve and shift your consciousness. You will have come through the fire and survived.

At some point you’ll finally be able to look back at your soulmate with gratitude for the changes they brought into your life. You will assimilate the transformation into the core of your being. You’re a stronger, better person. Although the road wasn’t easy, you will look back with LOVE.

Love between soulmates is eternal. Love between soulmates lasts forever. Although it may be in a different form, that love will be there until this lifetime ends and the next one begins and you find each other again. You will always remember a soulmate.

Originally posted on 2012-02-24 @ 8:33 pm

10 thoughts on “Do Soulmates Ever Stop Loving Each Other?”

  1. I was in college when I met my soulmate. We started as classmates but I already felt the first time we met as if I knew him before or he is someone familiar.

    We became bestfriends. We had a lot in common.The way we laugh, the way we tell stories and even my birthday is just the day after his birthday. He’s older than me by 1 day only. He completes me and brings out the best version of me.

    I was in relationship back then when we develop and felt love for each other. I ignored the love I’m feeling for him coz He’s my bestfriend. I’m afraid we might end our relationship as bff once we break up if ever we would be together. I was in a state of confusion and so I choose to stay in the relationship I’m already with. Believe me, it’s the worst. I should have followed my heart.

    Now I’m already married with the guy I choose. And the love for my soulmate is still there. And it haunts me. He appears in my dream, and I always daydream of him. Sometimes, I would feel my soulmate as if he is close to me. I can feel what he feels. Feels what he think. And I knew he still loves me and I can still feel him even if we are miles apart. We dont communicate but the love is very unreal. It’s been 5 years the last time we talk and I still love him.

    In my next life, I’ll wait for him and that time I will make sure he will be the one I will choose.

  2. It is true, the more u try to forget, to stop loving the person,u can’t stop loving them.U forget all the wrongs they’ve done to u because u can’t hate them.

  3. I don’t think soulmates ever stop having a special place in their heart for one another. Even if they have parted.

  4. I met someone when i was a teen.
    We had an instant connection and we had something so much more than a relationship.
    We dated off in on but the love we had even after 30 years is still there just as strong. No matter how much i try not to think about him. Not a day that goes by that i dont think about him.
    I. Happily married not to him. He is in love with his girlfriend.
    But the connection i feel with him i could never feel with anyone.
    I wish i could stop thinking of him

  5. Relationship for 9 years wan we broke up !! My best friend my everything we’ve never split up always together the love between us was an still so strong even though we’re not back together!! This pain is so unbearable for me I miss him so much !! I pray everyday he comes to me!! I work 2 jobs for me an my kids but wen the day ends I half yo put my head down on s pillow an look over an he’s not there I cry so hard !! An then it hit me could this be my soulmate

  6. I have a simple question. I think the man I’m with now is my soulmate. We decided to draw the lines on our hands and he noticed a pattern J for his name and A for mine. Is that possible with soul mates and can it help confirm it?

  7. I am 49 went to Ireland this summer and met my soulmate on a tour. We are both married and have been for many years. We spent an hour talking amongst the group and knew a strong connection was made. Nothing happened but we both enjoyed each others company. Sitting next to him at dinner I wanted to touch him and caught myself several times. I never did but it was so out of character for me to even have such a thought. When we hugged each other goodbye my thought was I will never see him again. We live on different continents. After a month or so he contacted me through email. As time went on and we hot to know each other more we both realized the connection was stronger than originally thought and knew wehad to stop communicating. I did ask in one ofnmy last emails to him if he thought we were soulmates. He replied I think we could be. This man is not my type physically but I love his heart. He is tender with me as I shared with him that I was sexually abused as a very young child. His response was so loving and helped to heal the hurt in my heart all of these years later. I ended telling him I love him and he truly is my soulmate as only a soulmate could be so tender with the little girl who had been so damaged. He never wrote back to confirm if I was his soulmate. I may never know……..

  8. Hi, my experience with who I believe is my soulmate was a 5 month relationship that ended due to his fear of being in a committed relationship. Its almost been a year since our relationship ended and im still hurting, confused and I love him. He is still single and keeps in constant contact with me. He tells me all the time he loves me but isnt ready for a relationship. Its heart breaking for me to not be with the person I love and im so exhausted from the emotional trauma of not being able to heal and still having hope we will be together again. I have tried everything and cannot find relief. I dont know what to do…please help

    • we cant give advice in our comments section due to confidentiality issues. If you would like advice please call us for a reading.


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