Are You Too Controlling with Your Soulmate?

Are you too controlling with your soulmate? Do you feel you have to be in control of every aspect of your relationship? Do you question where they are, where they have been, and limit who they can be with? Do you feel you must be in control of how you both spend your free time and money?

Your controlling behavior does not make you equal partners in your relationship. At some point, your soul mate may get sick and tired of being controlled all the time. If you have faith in your connection, why can’t you allow your soulmate more freedom? Do you not trust them? They lived their lives before you and were able to function until now without you, so why do they need you to control every aspect of their lives? They don’t.

Are You Too Controlling with Your Soulmate?

Are You Too Controlling with Your Soulmate?

They are not a small child. You are not their parent. You are supposed to be their soulmate, their life partner. So why won’t you give them the same say in your relationship that you have? You may think you are doing what is best for the both of you, but you are kidding yourself. Your interest is self-serving. You are doing what is best for you. That is not what a soulmate relationship is supposed to be all about. If anything, your soulmate relationship should be helping you get rid of your controlling nature. Your soulmate connection is supposed to bring out the best in you, and being controlling is not the best behavior.

You must understand that your desire to control is actually making you behave in an out of control way. Your behavior is not going unnoticed. Your soulmate is aware of what you are doing. Do you really think they like it? Do you really think a grown adult appreciates  someone who supposedly loves them is trying to control every aspect of their life? Do you think they are grateful for what you are doing? You are kidding yourself if you think you have them fooled. Even the people around you that love you know what you are doing. They can see it, it is obvious. So can everyone around your soulmate. Do you think they feel you are treating your soulmate right? No, they don’t.

Your desire for control is coming from within you. It is not your soulmate’s problem, yet you have made it their problem and they are suffering because of your issues. It could be a trust issue, an abandonment issue, or an insecurity issue that makes you so controlling. Regardless of where it is coming from, it is coming from you. Your soulmate cannot fix it or change it. You have to. And until you do that, you will never get rid of the desire to control another human being. What you should really be doing is trusting them, having faith in them, and believing they will do the right thing.

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