Is Your Soulmate a Control Freak?

Is your soulmate a control freak? Do you feel like you can’t make any simple decision for yourself without their input? Is your soulmate such a control freak that you have to dress a certain way or face the consequences? Does your soulmate think their way is the only right way to do things? Do you feel like your soulmate has taken control over almost every aspect of your life?

Tests to Determine if Your Soulmate is a Control Freak

1. If your soulmate believes they know the only right way to do anything, and everything, they may be a control freak. Control freaks want things done their way, and only their way. Your way is not good enough, efficient enough, or fast enough.

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Is Your Soulmate a Control Freak

2. If your soulmate is a control freak, they may expect you to believe every word they say. However, you have to show them proof that what you said is true. Even if you are a mechanic and they are not, they will not take you at your word when you tell them what is wrong with their car. You’re going to have to explain it, even though they won’t understand it, and show them proof that you are right.

3. Your soulmate could be a control freak if they act as though they know what is best for you, even better than you do. A true control freak believes they know what is best for just about everyone.

4. If your soulmate wants to know where you were, for how long, and you feel like you are being questioned by the police at time, they may be a control freak. A control freak feels entitled to know every detail of your life and you better tell them or they will get pissed off. When they call you, you better answer. When they email you, you better read it and write back quickly. When they want your attention, you better drop everything and give it to them.

5. If your soulmate has to have everything planned out and micro managed, even a trip to Disneyland, they might be a control freak. Control freaks hate spontaneity. If you try to deviate from their master plan they will completely freak out and you will probably have ruined Disneyland for them.

6. A soulmate who is a control freak will get mad at you if you don’t consult with them when making decisions. They will feel hurt and angry that you didn’t seek out their genius-level wisdom and made up your mind all by yourself. They can make decisions without consulting you of course, but you can’t.

7. If your soulmate offers you more constructive criticism, or outright criticism, than they do compliments, they might just be a control freak. Control freaks want perfection, and they will feel the urge to constantly complain when you are not perfect. If you make the mistake of criticizing them you will regret it.

8. If your soulmate is a control freak they always have to have the last word on EVERYTHING. If your soulmate is a control freak one of their favorite activities is saying “I told you so”, and they expect you to acknowledge that they did indeed tell you so, and that you should have listened to them.

9. A control freak won’t acknowledge your emotions. They will act as though you don’t have the right to feel your own emotions. Yes, they stood you up for a concert you bought expensive tickets to, but you are not allowed to be angry that they had to work. You must be understanding, not angry. If your soulmate can’t see your side of things, or empathize with how you feel, they may be a control freak.

10. A control freak will see you doing something and either stand over you and watch or join in and take over. When you tell them that is not how you want it done, or try to regain control, they will storm off threatening never to help you again. You will think to yourself “I didn’t ask for your help”. You rarely, if ever, would have to. The control freak will be angry that you didn’t appreciate their kind offer of help and believe that whatever you are doing will not be done right or well because you didn’t let them help. When you are finished and they see what you have accomplished they will find a way to criticize it, for it would have been so much better if only you let them help.

If many of the above list sound like your soulmate, then it stands to reason they are a control freak, and something has to change soon. We also invite you to check out our other article: Is Controlling Behavior Ruining Your Relationship?

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  1. My soulmate was like this. She checked my phone all the time. She micromanaged everything all the time. She tried to get me away from friends and family. I loved her to death but couldn’t take her being so controlling.

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