Can You Make Your Soulmate Addicted to You?

Why do you want to make your soulmate addicted to you? Either they are or they aren’t.

Can you really make someone want to be with you? Or make them care for you, love you?

Furthermore, can you make someone you believe is your soulmate addicted to you?

If they’re truly your soulmate wouldn’t they already want to spend a lot of time with you by the nature of your soul connection?


There is a big problem with psychics selling love spells promising to bind a couple together forever. They peddle charms and spells to make them unattractive to anyone else. They even sell spells to stop divorce or break-ups, flooding you with false hope.

If this is truly a soulmate relationship there is destiny between you. So doing all of the mumbo jumbo to bind them to you, or love you more, is an exercise in futility. It will also break your bank. Big time.

If you’re lucky enough to have money to burn, instead of wasting it on love spells, lotions and potions invest it in yourself. Brighten your look with a new wardrobe. Change your hair, get a makeover, enroll in some courses or take a vacation!

Women’s magazines are usually filled with 10 step programs to make you a better lover, give a better blow job and find better undies. Do you really believe all of that will make them addicted to you? Besides if that is all it takes, then they’re obviously too shallow and it’s not a soulmate relationship anyway.

Can You Make Your Soulmate Addicted to You?
Can You Make Your Soulmate Addicted to You?


Soul connections are not shallow, which is what obviously supports soulmate relationships. They’re not built on hormones, looks, financial stability or how addicted someone is to you.

As a matter of fact, relationships that are built on addiction will fail within 3-5 months anyway. Both parties will not be able to sustain the amount of energy required to feed the addiction. Then reality will set it and BOOM!! It will end because the addiction fades away.

A soulmate relationship is not based on addiction.

It’s not based on the need to be with each other 24-7 in a frenzied desire to constantly be near each other. Deep soul connections aren’t based on texting and sexting until wee hours of the morning night after night.

We’re not saying these components aren’t part of soulmate relationships. There’s plenty of intimacy, sex and sizzle. A soulmate relationship isn’t based on addiction. It’s based on the connection, and the ability to keep that connection flowing even when you aren’t speaking and touching each other.


So if a soulmate relationship is truly meant to be, no amount of reading 10-step articles or energy manipulation will make them addicted to you. They either want to be with you, or the don’t, plain and simple.

If your soulmate relationship is to be long lasting, it’s because of the destiny that exists between the two of you. So paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for love spells to bind them to you forever only results in frustration and an empty wallet.

Besides, if you decide to end the relationship do you really want someone to be obsessively addicted to you stalking you for the rest of your life? Probably not!

Do you feel threatened because your soulmate relationship may be ending? Are you having a lot of problems within your soulmate relationship?

A soulmate reading with Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise will help you understand your current relationship dynamic and provide clarity.¬†We won’t promise to make them addicted to you but we will provide accurate, honest readings that will put you on the right track.


Originally posted on 2012-02-16 @ 12:07 pm

5 thoughts on “Can You Make Your Soulmate Addicted to You?”

  1. I got scammed for thousands of dollars by a so called psychic that promised to make my soulmate come back to me. Her spells did not do anything. And I do know now that the only one that can bring him back is HIM.

  2. I guess I should stop saying that I am addicted to my significant other. It is unlike any other relationship I have ever been in, not based on any one specific thing…just works. Thanks for clarifying that a soul mate needs no title, it just is.


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