Waiting for Things to Get Better With Your Soulmate

Are you waiting for things to get better between you and your soulmate? You may be waiting a long time unless you’re actually doing something to create change in your relationship. Please don’t expect the your connection to do the work while you wait. That’s not going to happen.


You’re going to have to take a long hard look at your soulmate relationship to see where things went wrong. And don’t make the mistake of blaming your soulmate for the reason your relationship is failing. How you react and respond to
your soulmate is where you personally went wrong. They need to make a change, of course, but so do you.

Look at how you handle the conflict between you and your soulmate. Take the time to write it all down, especially if you have the same recurring problem. Have you noticed a pattern? They do “this”, you do “that” and nothing is resolved. So the same thing happens time and again.

Waiting for Things to Get Better With Your Soulmate
Waiting for Things to Get Better With Your Soulmate


Instead of waiting for your soulmate to go first, take the initiative to do something else to create a different dynamic.
That may scare you. Chances are your responses to your soulmate’s bad behavior enables it. And this is completely counterproductive, because your response comes from a place of fear.

Fear of losing a soulmate is often the reason people don’t use common sense. So instead they use the emotion of fear when a soulmate acts out. This means both soulmates are behaving in a way that’s only going to lead to a dysfunctional relationship over time. The passage of time clearly has shown things get worse, not better. So why just continue to hope, pray and wait for things to improve?


There is a saying that you can’t change other people. That is true, to a point. But you can change yourself. And you can begin by changing what you accept, deal with, put up with and allow in your relationship. In doing so, your soulmate is forced to make changes themselves or remain the same. When your reaction to them changes, they will have to change how they react to you. Every action creates a reaction. So start taking different actions to encourage growth.

What you set in motion by changing yourself, instead of just waiting around, will speed up the process. You can wait in a productive manner or a passive one. If you wait for improvements in your soulmate relationship only using your voice, it may be time to add some actions as well. Words without action are empty. Empty words and threats rarely, if ever, make drastic changes. So if you’re verbalizing the same demands for change over and over but not getting them, you’re wasting your time and energy.

Stop waiting around for things to get better using just lip service. Make yourself a person who demands and gets respect. Become a person who doesn’t put up with nonsense and drama. Show them you will not tolerate mistreatment. Things will change for the better from within and cause everything else around you to change as well. So what are you waiting for?

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