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Most people seek psychic readings, and more specifically soulmate readings, because they have questions concerning their love and romantic relationships. A Soulmate Reading with Sophia Elise or Lady Sarah can provide clarity and insight into your love, relationship and romance issues as well as address any problems you are currently encountering in your soulmate relationship. For the most part, our closest relationships, especially soulmate ones, can leave us feeling lost, confused or even abandoned and this is where a soulmate reading or psychic relationship reading will help you. Where love and romance are concerned, you have to be on top of your game to ensure your relationship becomes the one you desire and deserve. Soulmate relationships, on the other hand, can bring you the greatest joy because of the amazing connection you feel and experience with another human being. Likewise they will also bring you the greatest sorrow when the soulmate relationships ends or when the two of you take a break to work on your individual life lessons that the soulmate relationship will most certainly bring.

Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both members of Best American Psychics and have been tested and verified as certified psychic professionals. Global Psychic Solutions has built its proficiency within the metaphysical community through the solid reputation of professional integrity and ethics.

Sarah and Sophia can see very deeply into your love, romance and soulmate relationships to see where the problems are occurring that are holding you back from true love. During your soulmate reading, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will dig down deep into the psyche of your romantic partner or soulmate and provide details as to why the relationship is stalled or broken. They will be able to answer questions and address concerns to help identify the things hindering its growth in the right direction, the direction of commitment. Sarah and Sophia are both experience love and relationship specialists and soulmate psychics who will be able to get our relationship on track and help you make sure it stays there.  Don’t you want your love relationship to grow? It took a long time to meet your soulmate, don’t you want the relationship to work through the difficulties soulmate relationships bring?

What are the best types of questions to ask during a soulmate reading:

  • During your soulmate reading you can ask if your soulmate will reunite with you after a breakup.
  • During your soulmate reading you can ask what is holding you back from having true love.
  • During your soulmate reading you can ask how to get your love relationship to the next level?
  • During your soulmate reading you can ask how and when you will meet your soulmate?
  • If you are currently with your soulmate, your soulmate reading can reveal if and when your relationship will move to commitment.
  • Your soulmte reading will reveal why communication with your soulmate can be so difficult.
  • If you think you met your soulmate but your am married to someone else, your soulmate reading will reveal the long range plan for you and that soulmate relationship.
  • Your soulmate reading will allow you to know if this relationship is worth saving or if it truly is time to let go.
  • If your soulmate is married, your soulmate reading will reveal if he will get divorced so we can be together.

It is not the intent or Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise to provide fantasy, fiction or fairy tales as these elements do not fit within their soulmate reading, psychic reading or intuitive counseling and life coaching style. Their mission is to cultivate clients and healthy relationships. It is their highest goal to ensure that you, as well as your relationships, are healthy, vibrant and stable.

Love, Romance, Relationships and Soulmates

soulmate reading soulmate psychcis

Soulmate Reading with Soulmate Psychics



The main reason an individual seeks guidance and advice from a love and relationship psychic is to gain insight and understanding into their romantic relationships. A psychic love reading or more specifically a psychic soulmate reading will assist you in seeing where your relationship is currently heading. A soulmate reading will reveal if you are truly with your soulmate. During a psychic love reading our soulmate psychics will connect to your energy as well as to that of your loved one to determine how that connection will play out in the future. Using intuition, clairvoyance, claircognizance and sometimes the Tarot, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can see if your relationship is for a reason, a season or a lifetime. During a soulmate reading they will be able to tell you if there is a new soulmate coming into your life and what, if anything, you need to do to prepare for this new romance.If you are having issues in a current soulmate relationship they will be able to quickly ascertain if the two of you will be able to work through your issues and maintain your soulmate bond. They will also be able to tell you if the soulmate relationship is for a season, a reason or a lifetime.

Most people call for a psychic love reading when they have recently broken up with their partner and want to know if there will be a reconciliation. During a love and relationship reading your love psychic will be able to look into the future so you know whether or not your love interest is returning or if it is truly over. If they are returning, a good love and relationship psychic, or psychic life coach, will provide coaching and guidance on what steps you can take to ensure there is not another breakup and how you can achieve the relationship you desire and deserve. If it is time to move on, they will help you gain closure and find the path for your own personal happiness.




17 Responses to Soulmate Reading with Accurate Soulmate Psychics

  • Richard says:

    Hi There,
    For your “Soulmate Songs” you can add The Three Degrees “When Will I See You Again ?”.

    So many good songs did come from the 60′s and 70′s.
    Jim Croce ? Yes, he has 2 others, which I listen to, over and over,like so many I enjoy.
    Because, when you listen to the lyrics, they make sense. They have feelings wrapped up.

    This one special lady,yes,I do have a psychic connection to her. We think pretty much alike.
    Yet,we do have our own personal likes and dislikes.
    We miss each other,however, with our personal deep hurts, we are taking this slow. Not a
    snail’s pace,but fast,and still not too fast.
    I respect her highly.She is everything I’ve been searching for. I’ve told her that.
    Please, keep those articles coming. I enjoy them.Very informative.

  • Billie says:

    Such a great post. This will serve as our guide in finding love, romance, relationships and soul mates.

  • Tracey says:

    So how do it get a soulmate reading?

    • Soulmate Reading says:

      Call us using Click4advisor. You have to create an account with them first and then go to our individual pages and you will see our call buttons there to connect to us.

  • BeckyJoW says:

    I’m a single mother and I keep getting involved in men who leave me for no reason. When am I ever going find my soul mate? I’m so lonely for male companionship. My son’s father is rotten to the core and the last man who was in my life that he was exposed to he clung to. The pain of losing the man I fell in love with and my son saw as a best friend still lingers. I just want to find a partner who will be there for me and my son. I don’t know if I’ll ever find him but, I keep praying for a miracle. Please pray for me.

  • karin says:

    Hi my name is karin and I’m 37 years of age I live in south africa I got 2 children I’ve had so much bad luck in realiontionships I’m still feeling like I’m searching for my soulmate I want to find my soul mate soon as I feel very lonely and waiting for so long pls I cannot pay u as I’m also batteling fianationly so pls help me and tell me when ill possibly meet my soulmate I’m just yearning for my soulmate to ccome into my life now thank you
    Karin arveda

  • Paul Edward Haenga says:

    Fantastic information. How do I get in touch for a reading? I need to know how to love someone and seek a future soulmate.

    • Soulmate Reading says:

      HI Paul. If you live in the USA or Canada you can use either or to place your call. If you are outside the US please only use the Click4Advisor option. You will see our call buttons on each of our individual pages when they are set to TAKING CALLS… you can connect with us.

  • Tia says:

    Why do we go through such magical & magnetic experience? What is the purpose of having a twin flame or soulmate? I saw flying magical photos in the air of my soulmate & 1 of a baby, what does that mean?

  • Tia says:

    I experienced the whole thing, magical photos gliding in the air. Time stopped, then i could see the energy coming out of my body drawing me closer to her. I thought it was her heart calling to me & it was sooo powerful. The whole event felt like I’ve been searching for her for an eternity. Is she a twin flame or a soulmate? I don’t know

    • Soulmate Reading says:

      Sarah and Sophia are not able to provide personal guiadance through our comments section due to time constraints. Please make arrangements with them for a private confidential reading.. Admin

    • d says:

      Someone appeared in my dream for the first time over super moon 2 weeks ago and since then we have talked more and he has been super keen to help me coincidence or destined? hope to find out soon He was actually predicted 2 and 5 years ago. Circumstances of meeting and first initial match up .

      • d says:

        i feel at ease with this man. Currently living with my ex due to having 2 kids together but when I see ‘S’ its like a light goes on in my heart and our souls connect. How do i know its different to the almost experience i had a year ago wher I felt something when a man smled more of a warmth but no spark? definitely lightenng bolts when S smiles, will i leave my ex’s house to be with S?

      • Tia says:

        I’ve experienced seeing someone in my dream aswel but during may this year, it was a girl I met in the library last year.. unexpected & out of it

  • nancy says:

    Is Dennis oketunbi my soul mate

    • Soulmate Reading says:

      Sarah and Sophia are not able to provide personal answers through our comments section due to time constraints. Please make arrangements with them for a private confidential reading.. Admin

  • Soulmate Reading says:

    Sarah and Sophia have been tested and verified by a third party, many times, for accuracy and integrity. THey will also tell you the truth about your situation, which many people are not prepared to handle. In a reading with them you wont get fluff or fairy tales.

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