Procrastinating Soulmates Ruin the Soulmate Connection

Procrastinating soulmates are more common that one would think. When soulmates first meet they have a tendency to get so consumed with enjoying their connection they fail to do certain things that must be completed in their daily lives.  For example, soulmates often meet when they are in other relationships. When they do this, they are guilty of procrastinating ending a relationship that had run it course.

Now one would think since meeting their soulmate, they would rush to end that relationship right away. Guess what? The opposite tends to happen. Now that their soulmate in their life, they are happy. They are not dealing with their old relationship. Their focus and energy is now on enjoying their present relationship with their soulmate, providing of course, their soulmate was wiling to enter into a relationship with them.

Procrastinating Soulmates Ruin the Soulmate Connection

Procrastinating Soulmates Ruin the Soulmate Connection

This is why we often must tell clients they should not feel they need to express their feelings or enter into an affair with their soulmate. Time and again, soulmates will procrastinate ending their other relationship. Sometimes the right thing to do is just wait by the sidelines and let them know they need to handle their situation first. This usually results in fear entering the situation. People with abandonment issues are afraid if they don’t rush into a relationship they will lose their soulmate. This makes zero sense, as most fear based excuses often don’t make sense.

Procrastination comes in many forms in soulmate relationships, just like it does in all relationships.Very often with soulmates, it is over the top. Then again, everything in soulmate relationships tends toward extremes.

A soulmate often takes advantage of the connection. They think they can take as long as they want to create change because their soulmate will deal with it. They honestly believe their soulmate will wait forever if needs be. They use the power of the connection improperly, and in doing so, cause issues within the relationship.

They have full faith in the soulmate connection, so they procrastinate whenever they want. If you are foolish to wait around and let them get away with it, you are enabling them so don’t complain about it. You have a job in your soulmate relationship, are you doing it properly?  Soulmates are supposed to aspire to be better and to do better, not slack off. If your soulmate has been procrastinating too long about a major issue it may be time for you to put your foot down. If you have waited a reasonable amount of time and are sick of their excuses for not doing what they should be doing, take a stand and prepare to dole out some consequences. If you don’t, they might procrastinate indefinitely.

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