How to Tell They’re Not Your Soulmate

There are signs when someone is not your soulmate, even if you think they are.

How can you tell the difference between a real soulmate and a false one?

Signs Someone is Not Your Soulmate

The first way to tell they’re not your soulmate is when they truly don’t feel the connection you claim is between you. Yes, quite often soulmates will deny the existence of the connection. We’re talking about something else entirely. In this case, the person denies the connection because it really doesn’t exist for them. This may just be wishful thinking on your part.

The next way to tell that they may be a false soulmate is when relationship is only sexual. Just because you have sexual chemistry does not mean you’re soulmates. Attraction does not equal a connection when it’s only physical not spiritual. That’s not to say soulmates don’t have amazing chemistry and attraction.

How to Tell They're Not Your Soulmate
How to Tell They’re Not Your Soulmate

Our third way to tell they are not really a soulmate is that you can’t maintain a healthy relationship with them. Soulmates do run and can unfortunately become on/off relationships. Then again just as many dysfunctional relationships become on/off relationships as well. If it really is a spiritual connection you can change it into a stable relationship. If it’s not, then you can’t make it anything other than a dysfunctional, toxic relationship that will only get worse.

Our fourth way to tell they’re not your soulmate is they bring out the worst in you. You may have changed for the worse because they’re the wrong person for you. They can bring out the worst in you if you let it, but real soulmates can work on those things and have a favorable relationship as an outcome.

Number five is when they do not open up to you emotionally. A soulmate would be emotionally available to you, not emotionally unavailable. They may try and hide their feelings, but not everyone you have feelings for has feelings for you. They may not be expressing feelings for you because they don’t have them and aren’t a real soulmate.

The last sign they’re not your soulmate is that they were faking it right from the start. They said all the right things, did all the right things, and created a whirlwind relationship with you on purpose. Narcissists often start relationships this way, and a narcissist cannot be a soulmate.

These people know they will not deliver on any promises they made with you. It was only a matter of time before their true colors were revealed and/or they simply disappear as quickly as they arrived. Don’t waste your time expecting them to change back into the person they were when you first met because they never really were that person.

Have you ever thought someone was your soulmate but it turned out they weren’t? Comment below!!

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