Signs Your Soulmate Misses You

There are signs your soulmate misses you when you’re apart from each other or in separation. The relationship may have ended, at least for the time being. Although there may be other circumstances keeping the soulmates apart. You know how much you miss your soulmate, but how can you tell if your soulmate misses you too?

Signs Your Soulmate Misses You

1. Signs unique to the two of you keep showing up.

Numbers such as their birth date, parts of their phone number, or your birthdays combined keep popping up. It could be your song that keeps playing everywhere you go. When a soulmate really misses you, signs such as these, and many others, will keep revealing themselves to you.

2. Dreaming of them.

They are coming to you in your dreams and these dreams may be recurring. Look for messages within these dreams from your soulmate.

3. Your energy levels and mood change drastically out of nowhere.

When a soulmate misses you, their low energy and negative mood can greatly affect yours. Where you were in a great mood a minute ago you now find yourself depressed.
You are empathically picking up on the mood and energy level of your soulmate. It can be just the opposite where you may be in a negative mood and find yourself smiling for no reason. Your soulmate misses you, but is focusing on the good times or a specific good memory. In turn, you pick up on it and it changes your mood to a more positive one.

4. Fluttering or tingling heart.

Signs Your Soulmate Misses You
Signs Your Soulmate Misses You

Heart fluttering or tingling sensations can also be a sign your soulmate really misses you. They miss the feeling they have when they are around you.

5. Sudden strong urge to contact or see your soulmate is another sign.

When a soulmate misses you, naturally they would think of calling you or what it would be like to see you. When you pick up on that due to your soul connection, you have the same desire and sense of urgency they do.

6. Feeling warmth.

When your soulmate misses you they may send you a rush of loving energy, and you feel warmth flow over you. Think of it like a loving energy hug.

7. Communication.

They contact you for no good reason and may even try and find reasons to contact you. They miss the sound of your voice and talking or texting you. If you have broken up, they may be contemplating a reconciliation.

8. Social media.

They may spy on your social media accounts and look at your pictures to see what’s going on in your life. They make even contact you through social media or leave comments on your posts.

Soulmates miss each other when they are apart because their connection remains. They do not have to be broken up to miss each other. Many of the signs above occur prior to soulmates getting back together.

If you have been seeing a lot of these signs, your soulmate may be missing you, and may even want to reconcile your relationship.

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