Soulmates Guide Their Relationship Success

Soulmates guide and support one another down a spiritual path to create better versions of themselves. While that sounds good on paper, that’s not what always happens.


Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, chances are your soulmate may try to guide you down the wrong path. If you’re not on the same path, or at the same place on the path, there will of course be resistance. One soulmate wants to guide in one direction. But the other wants to go the opposite way. This is what sets the stage as to where the relationship is going.

Countless clients a day ask us the question “Where is my soulmate relationship headed?” The answer is really up to the two of you. Which of you will be the guide, and which of you will be the follower? If you allow the person who needs the guidance to guide, there is only one place your relationship¬† is going to go. And unfortunately, that’s right off a cliff.

Does your soulmate have insecurity issues? Do they have a history of failed relationships? Do they have family relationship issues? Have they just come out of a really toxic, dysfunctional relationship? If the answer is yes, to any of those questions, why on earth should they be the guide? Obviously they have barely, if any, healthy relationship experience or skills. And gambling on them to navigate the relationship anywhere positive is really risky. So why even take the risk in the first place?

Soulmates Guide Their Relationship Success
Soulmates Guide Their Relationship Success


If you’re the one that knows what healthy relationships should be like, then take the lead and be the guide. You will encounter resistance, so be prepared. But if you’re going to have to fight for what you want. And fight for what you know is right. Don’t wait too long to take the reigns either. Grab them right away, and be willing to take the wheel, if you feel the relationship is going off course. Trust yourself, and your instincts. They’re there to guide you, especially in spiritual relationships.

You will get a feeling if something isn’t in alignment with your soul. When you get that feeling, don’t be afraid to speak up and create boundaries. And be ready to enforce them. That may sound like a lot of work. But you’ll have to do some work regardless. The work you put in as a guide has a payoff at the end. You will have a fabulous, supportive, healthy relationship. And you’re both on the same page. That makes all the work worth it.

If you wait and let your soulmate be the guide, at some point, you will be the one resisting. But by them so much damage will have
been done in the time it took you to get to that point. Now the work you have to do to untangle the huge mess you both made will seem insurmountable. It can take years to undo that level of damage. And sometimes the damage is irreparable.

Don’t be afraid to be the guide in your soulmate relationship if you’re the one most qualified for the job. Take charge for both of you. Because in the end you’ll be doing you both a huge favor.

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