Are Soulmate Relationships Destined to Last?

Is my soulmate relationship destined to last? The answer to this question is not really. You were destined to meet your soulmate. The universe made sure of that, and they will make sure that happens according to divine timing. However, what becomes of that first encounter is up to the two soulmates.

As humans, we are gifted with free will to we make our own choices and must take responsibility for everything we say and do. The universe will not clean up all our messes for us. We are on earth to learn, grow, and choose our own path. The universe gifted you with a soulmate, what you do with that gift is up to you both.

Are Soulmate Relationships Destined to Last?

Are Soulmate Relationships Destined to Last?

You cannot rely solely on destiny to make your soulmate relationship a lasting one. You were destined to meet your soulmate to become better people, to grow spiritually, and operate on a soul level. You were not destined to meet your soulmate so you can operate from a place of fear, lower your standards of treatment and behavior, and become a lesser version of yourself. That was not the universes intention, and it should not be yours either.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your soulmate relationship, take a long, hard look at yourself. What lower behaviors and feelings have been rising within you since you met your soulmate? It could be insecurity, a lack of faith, abandonment issues, control issues, co-dependency issues, you name it. That right there is what you need to work on, and what you need to rise above.

It is those things, if not eliminated, that are destined to steer your soulmate relationship off course. Those very behaviors and feelings flared up because they need to be addressed within you. It’s time to move past them and put them to rest. They are not for you to act on and act out.

There are things in life that happen to us, outside our realm of control. One of these things is when we meet a soulmate. That is up to the universe. You can prepare for a soulmate or open yourself to meeting your soulmate, but it is not up to you when they enter your life, regardless of how hard you try. There are things in our life we can make happen and others we have zero control over. The outcomes are based on the choices we make.

What becomes of your soulmate relationships will be based on the choices the both of you make. Don’t leave the fate of your soulmate relationship up to destiny, take the responsibility for the future of your relationship and learn your lessons and keep your standards high.

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