Can a Psychic Get Your Ex Back?

Can a psychic get your ex back? There are many people who might think so. But the real answer is,  NO. A psychic can see if your ex will come back, but can’t get them back for you. There are many online psychic sites who allow their psychics to sell all kinds of crap to people who are desperate for a reconciliation with their ex. These predators are preying on your emotional turmoil. It’s their hope, that in your desperation, you’ll do anything to get him to return.

There are many gypsies, scammers and con artist, who want to swindle you out of your hard earned money. These frauds, who masquerade as real psychics, promise to reunite you with your boyfriend. First of all, they won’t do the spell while on the phone with you. They’ll ask you to send them money, via Paypal or Western Union, to do the work for you. If someone you’re speaking with gives you their private phone number, and tells you to continue the conversation privately, there’s a good chance they hear the emotional desperation in your voice. And they hope they’ve found a victim.

can a psychic get your ex back
Can a Psychic Get Your Ex Back?


A phony psychic will promise to get your ex back by selling you spells. These are reuniting spells, spells to get you back together. And spells to bind him to you forever, spells to make him ugly to other women or spells to stop divorce. They even peddle spells to make his penis fall off unless he’s with you. Many of these spells will cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Their spells are candle burnings or making wax poppets of both yourself and your beloved. They might even ask you for photographs, nails or hair to make you think they’re really doing this work. Rest assured, THEY ARE NOT!!!  You send your money to them. And then they ask you to call them on the online service to check on the progress of the spell, which will probably take two weeks. They claim to use the long burning church altar candles that take weeks to burn, often telling you the candles cost $1,000 for both of them.  Do they buy the candles or do the spell work? NOPE! But they keep you calling the online psychic network once they have hooked you on their spell-casting service.


A scammer might say your relationship ended because you’re surrounded by negativity. Or you have a curse on you. To remove this curse they will need to do an aura cleansing.  Think about it logically, which is difficult when you’re emotionally overwrought. But almost everyone has negativity in their life at some point. It’s not because someone cursed you or put a spell on you.

You’re surrounded by negativity because you’ve been depressed since your ex ended the relationship. Duh. During your aura cleansing, she may keep you on the phone with her, for an hour, or longer. Aura cleansing can cost thousands of dollars when you get sucked in by a psychic fraud. And their rates for ‘special work’ has a higher per minute rate than their psychic reading rate. But all she is burning away is the money from your bank account. Cleansing your aura will do nothing to bring your ex back.


A gypsy will try to sell you anointed candle meditations to get your ex back. These candle meditations are often done with you on the phone. The scammer will light very expensive white candles. These special candles have been anointed with oil and holy water. And there are two of them, one for each of you. Then they will begin their meditation to encourage your energies to come back together. The price per minute for candle meditations is often much higher than the regular psychic reading rate.

During the candle meditation you’re instructed to close your eyes and be quiet because the psychic is going to meditate to get your ex back. During this time she will be quiet too. But she’ll just put the phone down, leaving you there with those precious minutes ticking away. She’s not meditation by the way. But she has left you alone while she goes into the bathroom to color her hair and paint her nails. She never lights any candles or does any meditation. But she sure as hell hopes you stay on the phone thinking her silence means she has gone off into the ether to get your ex back.

Unfortunately, once you have paid these charlatans, you will never get your money back.  Chances are, you won’t get your ex back, either. A reputable psychic will not try to sell you spells, aura cleansing or any other mumbo jumbo. An honest, ethical psychic will be able to consult with you to see if, and when, you ex may be coming back into your life.



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  1. I have spoken to a woman who told me the woman my soulmate is with put a spell on him and she wanted 2 thousand dollars to do energy work to get it off. I sent her the money but she says the womans spell is so strong she needs to do more work and needs more money. Am I getting scammed?


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