Differences Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

Many people think soulmates and twin flames are the same thing.

Although there are similarities, soulmates and twin flames are different and can’t be the same.

Thanks to books, movies and television, soulmates and twin flames are also often believed to be relationships whose purpose is all about romance and close to perfection. These relationships are about so much more than romance.  They occur in our lives to challenge each individual to become better versions of themselves.

Now we fully understand that there are many different beliefs when it comes to soulmates and twin flames. We are not here to argue, we are here to give those that are looking for understanding and clarity some help. If you believe differently, feel free to find a site that subscribes to the same belief you do. Below are the ways we differentiate between soulmates and twin flames.


1. Soulmate Separation

Twin flames rarely, if ever, go through a period of separation. If they do it’s not their doing but perhaps a family, illness or job that temporarily keeps them away from their twin flame.

Soulmates are another story. They separate on emotional and physical levels. The communication between soulmates stops, one or both may refuse to even see each other in person as well. This time is to bring about change that they can’t achieve together. If they don’t both make the changes, they separate again, sometimes permanently.

Differences Between Soulmates and Twinflames
Differences Between Soulmates and Twinflames

2. Twin Flame Separation

When twin flames separate, they stay in touch as much as possible. If they can’t, they’re not worried that the status of the relationship has changed. They don’t worry that their twin flame no longer cares about them. They’re not being shut out or disrespected, and they know that.

When soulmates separate, one or both worries what the other is feeling, and seem to go right to worst case scenario. Instead of having faith like twin flames do, soulmates can question the bond they share constantly.

In soulmate relationships, being apart in any way seems to bring about stress, and off the wall behavior, such as stalking social media, trying to force meetings, or simply dwelling on nothing but their soulmate. With twin flames there are no insecurities, but with soulmates, there seems to be quite a lot.

3. Twin Flames Have Passed Soulmate Tests

Twin flame relationships involve individuals that have already passed the soulmate tests and they have already finished with their individual lessons. There’s no painful or hard lessons to be learned between twin flames.

Soulmate relationships are very melodramatic and can cause intense turmoil and upheaval in a person’s life. Soulmates have often said, before the growth period is completed, that the connection is both a curse and a blessing.

4. Purpose

A soulmate relationship is really relevant to the two people involved. It is all about them. A twin flame relationship has a much bigger picture. The purpose of the twin flame union is to benefit the masses. They will contribute on a much larger scale. Soulmates purpose is to just enrich one another’s lives and provide valuable lessons for personal and spiritual growth.

5. Soulmate Confusion

Many soulmates can be confused about their relationship. People in twin flame relationships usually know they’re not in a soulmate relationship. They know the higher purpose their relationship entails and have prepare to encounter their twin their whole lives. They didn’t hope they would meet their twin, they knew they would.

Soulmates often think they’re in twin flame relationships because they think they are the same thing. Some insist it’s a soulmate relationship on steroids. Some even prefer the term for whatever reason. Soulmates often have at least one person who runs from the connection. This almost never happens in twin flame relationships but is par for the course with soulmates.

6. Soulmate Relationships May Not Last

Soulmate relationships can end. Not alls soulmate relationships are meant to last. There is more of a free will when it comes to soulmates. You don’t make your changes, you don’t stay together. It’s that simple. Soulmates may always share a bond but not always be a part of each others lives.

Twin flames are quite different. Twin flames do not choose to be apart. They’re aware of their higher purpose, respect that purpose and wish to fulfill it. Twin flames would never think to end their relationship, and would have no reason to.

7. More Than One Soulmate

You can have more than one soulmate. Your pet could be your soulmate. Your brother, sister, or any family member can be a soulmate. A twin flame? Only one, and that is if you’re lucky. Twin flames are couples. A family member or a pet would not be your twin flame.

8. Twin Flames are Rare

Soulmates are much more common than twin flames. Not everyone will meet a soulmate or a twin flame. Not everyone gets one in this life. Since soulmates are more common, most people would meet a soulmate rather than a twin flame.

9. Fearing the Connection

In soulmate relationships, one or both parties may not understand and accept the connection they share. Because of this they may deny the connection, choose to run, marry/date other people or sabotage the relationship. Twin flames do not do this. They both recognize and honor their connection right away for the most part.

10. Drama

Twin flame relationships are very drama free and are easier relationships. There is no fighting for control, no manipulation, no power struggles and no insecurities. In soulmate relationships, you see a lot of that, and even more. Soulmate relationships are hard, because change is hard.

In closing, either relationship is a blessing. Both twin flame relationships and soulmate relationships have the potential to be equally satisfying. One isn’t better than the other, one is just easier than the other.

Originally posted on 2015-09-04 @ 5:00 pm

6 thoughts on “Differences Between Soulmates and Twin Flames”

  1. I have found my Twin Flame, but we are both married. We are planning to be together in true union once our kids are mature. We really believe that we need to live out other soul contracts. With me, it’s my very sensitive son. With my TF it’s his daughter. We both have a high needs child that needs us one on one.

    We are separated by marriage, but both intend to change that when the time is right. We never fight even with all the complications. We are both growing together. Above all, our friendship is unconditional love. It breaks my heart we can’t be together and sometimes I get really down about it.

  2. This was so helpful thank u I’ve found my twin flame and we very much have a understanding. I also believe I’ve with my soulmate which help me understand the difference in the two relationships/loves


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