Soulmate Tests: Are You Passing or Failing?

soulmate tests

Is your soulmate failing all the soulmate tests the universe is presenting to you both individually and as a couple? Has your soulmate turned their back on you or denied your soulmate connection? Have they tested your strength and sanity with irrational or cruel behavior? Has your soulmate disappeared, refusing…

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Your Job in a Soulmate Relationship

soulmate relationship expert psychic readings

Your job in a soulmate relationship is not to simply sit back and enjoy the love and romance. Quite the contrary. Your job in a soulmate relationship will be a lot of hard work, and may even make you think of quitting. Soulmate relationships are rarely, if ever, easy ones.…

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Can You Trust Your Soulmate?

soulmate trust

Can you trust your soulmate? This depends on whether you soulmate has done anything to cause you to lose your trust. If not, it may be your own individual trust issues getting in the way of your relationship. Either way, the issue of trust needs to be addressed or this relationship won’t…

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A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street

soulmate reading soulmate connection

So many people are looking for a soulmate connection, and many actually believe they are in a soulmate relationship. This is all well and good but what if the romantic partner does not feel the same way? Believe it or not, this happens more often than you might realize. A…

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