Setting Boundaries in Your Soulmate Relationship

Setting Boundaries in Your Soulmate Relationship Setting boundaries is important to every relationship because it defines how we allow others to treat us. Even in a soulmate relationship, we know somewhere in the back of our minds that there are certain things we shouldn’t do, shouldn’t say, and lines we…

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Do Actions Speak Louder than Words?

Do actions speak louder than words? Or is it words that are more important to a relationship? Relationships are be confusing and difficult to navigate. Sometimes it is hard to tell what your romantic partner is thinking, feeling or wanting concerning you and the relationship. Even more so when their…

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Is Your Relationship a Struggle?

Do you feel like your relationship is a constant struggle? Is your relationship an uphill battle? Are you trying to make things happen, encourage things to change, but nothing is happening? Do you feel as if you are swimming against the stream but not getting anywhere? It takes two people…

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Don’t Be Available for an Unavailable Man

Trying to have a relationship with an unavailable man can be frustrating, and next to impossible. If the guy you are seeing is too busy with his job, hobbies, family, friends and other extra-curricular activities, he is quite possibly an unavailable man. Although you have all the time in the…

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