Soulmate Tarot Reading and the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

During a Soulmate Tarot Reading, several of the Major Arcana tarot cards are likely to appear. The Major Arcana is numbered 0 through 21. Some of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana picture a man and woman together. But others picture them alone with other universally accepted esoteric symbols. These symbols are found throughout ancient religions and civilizations.


This esoteric knowledge represents each and every one of us on our journey through life. And all the trials, tribulations and joys we all must face. It symbolizes us all individually as we begin and end our lives. We all begin life as the Fool. He is the new initiate embarking upon the journey at birth. And it culminates with enlightenment, The World. Of course representing the end of our journey. We may not receive each and every lesson of the Major Arcana in our lifetime. And we’ll receive some of them out of order. But the goal of the soul is to learn these lessons on the path to the soul’s perfection.

The Lovers Tarot Card
Soulmate Tarot Readings

Each of the cards has its own name and number. And there’s an illustration to symbolize the meaning of the card. Numerology, astrology, and other esoteric symbols can be found in the illustrations on the cards. It’s impossible to to define exact meanings of every card because it depends upon the question asked. And it also depends on the surrounding cards, the spread used and the interpretation by the tarot reader.

Focusing on each and every card is a better way to learn them. And this is much better than looking up their meaning online or in a handy reference. Meditating on the card is a great idea.  So first, look at the card. What does the picture tell you? That should be the meaning of the card for you. Not every reader assigns the same meanings to each of the cards. A reader may know the technical meaning of the card. But she may utilize a different interpretation that makes sense to her. And the same holds true for you.


Using the cards as a meditation medium is a great way to learn them. So you could take a 22-day journey with them. Pick one a day and look at it. Then turn it around and look at it again. You can see something different in them the more you play with them. Get to know the Major Arcana. They are your journey through life.

When the Major Arcana appear in soulmate tarot reading, it’s is a strong indication the relationship you’re asking about is karmic in nature. Karmic relationships always bring with them life lessons. And your  reader should be able to discuss those life lessons with you.

Most of us think we have relationships for love. But we really have them to evolve and grow our soul on an individual basis. The wisdom of the tarot will be able to discern what those lessons are so that you can move through them swiftly and easily. A soulmate tarot reading will reveal the steps you need to take to make sure the relationship you have, or want to have, meets your expectations and fulfills your needs.

Some of the Major Arcana cards that reveal answers to love and relationship questions, through a soulmate tarot reading are:

The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Star
The Sun
The World


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  1. Should you read your own tarot cards about your own soulmate relationship? I always wonder if my readings of my soulmate and our relationship are really accurate or wishful thinking.

    • when you read for yourself, in an emotionally charged situation, you will not be able to detach yourself from the outcome

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