Are You Interfering with Your Soulmates Lessons?

Are You Interfering with Your Soulmates Lessons?

When we are in soulmate relationships we tend to focus more on our soulmates lessons, personal growth and issues more than our own. It is easier to focus on someone else’s behaviors and short comings, because then we do not focus on our own. That is not how soulmate relationships are supposed to work. When we are focused on others we take our attention off of ourselves and only focus on them. We wonder when they will call, when they will change, when will they leave their wife and when will they get their act together to get this soulmate relationship on the road.

are you interfering with your soulmate life lessons

Are You too Focused on Your Soulmates Lessons?

Take the focus off of them, and focus on yourself instead. Nothing will happen or change when you are so focused on your soulmate that you forget or fail to do all the things you are supposed to be doing. Clients call us all the time asking us questions like:

  • When will my soulmate call?
  • When will my soulmate make contact?
  • Why is my soulmate not talking to me?
  • Why is my soulmate ignoring my repeated texts and phone calls?
  • When will my soulmate change?
  • What are my soulmates lessons in this relationship?

Calling and communicating right now may not be part of the divine plan. Calling and communicating when YOU want them to may not be in the cards. It may be better to look at the reasons why you so badly want, or feel your need, the contact. Is it because you are feeling insecure and need that validation from your soulmate? Will you be unhappy unless you hear from them because you need that communication hit from your soulmate to feel better about yourself? Just because you want them to contact you does not mean they will.

The Universe, the Divine, whatever you may call it, may not want communication between the two of you at the present time. They may be trying to teach him a valuable lesson before the two of you can be together in a stronger more defined relationship. Sure you want to talk to him, but maybe they designed it this way so he starts to make the changes he needs to in his life. We know you want contact, but if that interferes with what is occurring on a deeper level here you are just wasting time. Which really means that if he was talking to you right now, things would take longer in the long run because he needs a period of disconnect and no communication with you in order to get his act together. So if he does call, before he has made the changes he needs to make, what is the point? Would you rather have him keep communicating, just so you feel validated that he is still there? You want him to face everything he has to to make drastic changes, yet you are stuck on YOUR fear and need a phone call? You have to decide which is more important to you, the phone call or the changes? Unfortunately, you will not be able to have it both ways.

soulmates and life lessons

When Will He Call?

If the universe needs him alone, without you, to really miss you, and not go back to his old behavior and to make changes, then why are you obsessing about contact? That may be what you want, but you shouldn’t. If you want him to change, don’t make it about YOU and what you want and need during that process .He has to go through some personal growth that does not include, nor is related to you, but will make your relationship better in the long run. Your desperate pleas for communication may very well be interfering in the life lessons the Universe is trying to teach him. This is not about YOU. It is about HIM. But because you have not heard from him, you try to make it about you. And actually that is what you should be doing, but in a different way.

When we have periods of disconnect and loss of communication with our soulmates it is a good time to focus on ourselves. What are we missing? What are we supposed to be doing? What are we supposed to be learning? If we have a tendency to be insecure, we can start working on building our own inner security system. If our self esteem takes a hit when we don’t have consistent communication from our romantic partner, perhaps we can address our own self esteem issues and work to improve it. This being said, it is probably the very thing the Universe wants YOU to be working on anyway. This is probably the very reason you have the soulmate relationship in your life. He is playing his role as your soulmate and doing what he is supposed to be doing. But are you holding up your end of the bargain? Are you following up on your own soulmate lessons?

Stop worrying about when your soulmate will call you, contact you, text you, see you or spend time with you. There is a real reason why the communication between you is on hold. Instead of worrying about what he is doing, worry about what you are doing…and not doing. Focus on what things in your life he brings out in you that need to be addressed so you can become a better, stronger person. Remember our soulmates mirror and reflect back to us the things within ourselves we need to work on.

If you need help identifying what you need to work on in your soulmate relationship, a soulmate reading with Psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can point you in the right direction. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise have over fifty years combined experience in the soulmate relationship world. When you don’t know where to turn because you have been too focused on your soulmate, and not on yourself, these soulmate psychics will help guide you back to where you need to be.




  1. This made me look at our relationship (my soulmate and I ) in a totally new way! Thank you for writing this article. I am so glad I found it.

  2. I have been reading all evening the literature that really is speaking to me about soulmates.And i am intune with my intuition my higherself knowing without a doubt I have met my soul mate.And so many things you speak on are what i am going through.You see it happened just like you wrote.The immediete love at first sight.the intensity of our feelings.The 4 hrs at a time talking on the phone.The closeness like no other and the smell of his skin and the touch of his hand not to even mention the passion of the kisses that were shared.It was a dream come true.The man i have been waiting for all my life.Time moved on and he and i texted up until 2 in the morning knowing work came early.We could not get enough of each other.He text me and told me he was very serious about us and later on he texted and said he was very much in love.Of course i was too.And on top of the world Then all of a sudden he ran.Giving excuses that i new were not of any truth.I became sad wondering what i could of done to make him abrubly leave me.I have never in my life experience an in depth love as this.Ive been strong these last couple of month because he said he was going through things and he wanted me to wait.and i agreed then he cut me short on his texes.stopped calling all together but when i would text him he would say he still wanted me to thing i have had through out time with this man is patience.Now he says he has a love for me and i know this to be true even though he doesnt express his feelings to me any more.And as i read that about the craziness of the mind.The running and the fear i have known for awhile he is scared because he felt the same way as me.I dont and will not give up and thanks for the insight about so many things that are us.Theres no doubt in my mind that we are soul mates.and you are many do think its a grand and most smoothe sailing experience as soul mates are lead to believe.But it werid i have thought for awhile theres lessons to be learned out of this painful situation
    The letting go is not something i am ready to deal with because i want despreatly to live my life with this man.No one can get through to me.No other man that i am very inquisive about what you can tell me in depth about what is underneath the surface and what lyes in the souls of one another.and if our soul blueprints are one that we will have a time where we can enjoy each other after getting past these life learning. experiences.You see i do dwell on alot of where hes at why dont he text me back.Or why he just doesnt give in and let me back in
    He has closed his heart to me but not his love.And that empthtic soulmate connection is one that we also have.I feel his fears his negitive feelings hes scariness of being in love and then have everything fade away.It makes it hard for me when i know my love is at the awe stage and he is the one that stopped and took off.I hate the word fear and what it consist of.Dont get me wrong fear takes ahold in many aspects of ones lives.But that alone has been a call for the crazyness of the mind.You dont know but i felt obseesed literally beacause i eat drink and sleep this man Then i justified it by against all odds.what we know to be true just doesnt go i decided it is love in the first degree.But i did take in alot of good reasoning and i see know that i must gain strenghth and have faith and give the process the time it needs to heal the brokeness or whatever the case may be.To not be selfish and think only about me.Because he is apart of not only me but our souls have found each other and i want him to get what is expected and in turn i want to grow and be apart of what is to come.You moved me in alot of positive ways.You put a whole new outlook on this situation that we are in together.I feel within myself that we will come together once things grow we mature and find our purpose.Thank you so much for yoe knowledge on the souls of the loved ones.You brought alot of clarity too my out look and the pain i suffer inside.

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  4. Can you ever get back together. He was my life and we were one of those couples who just were all over each other everywhere we went, he was crazy about me. I pissed him off 3 weeks ago as I got drunk and stuff happened. He told me to go at least to give him some space. I just thought that something isn’t right as ive been away and there is no words from him about when I should come back. We have been having communication and its been nice and friendly. However my gut feeling told me today to call our landlord, I wanted to see if my partner had given in notice then I would no that this split is for real, he has given in notice and will be moving out March 18th. I was everything to him and everyone said so, they even said they had never seen him this happy before, Even in photos his family have said to me that he has never smiled showing his teeth before as he does cuddling me in pictures. He was my world and my everything in everyway, I took 34 years to find him and I am now 41 and I never will want to meet anyone ever again as I have found my soulmate my life partner and that’s it forever.I want him back so bad.

  5. This was very informative. It has put a lot into prospective for me.
    Thank you.

  6. when the be ok we´ll be together forever

  7. im unsure where I went wrong but my soulmate and I haven’t been properly in contact and I feel alone as not in relationship with any one im scared of the outcome and past what do I do helpxxxx advice

  8. This article just reminded me of what I already knew, and what we talked about in our reading. Some days are really hard, and reminders like this keep the big picture in perspective.

  9. I let him go this morning after 20 years…2 x meetings. I need to move on…although it breaks my heart. He is not ready.

  10. Thanks i got it, I read it the right time too!!
    I was searching for a clue and i found it here!!!
    Messages are coming to the right time to us,
    cause the universe allow to us the right time to understand

  11. This was meant for me to read tonight. Thank you.

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