Soulmate’s Ex Causing Interference in Your Relationship

Is your soulmate’s ex causing interference in your relationship? If so, you will probably become angry and insecure.

You wonder if your soulmate still has feelings for them they need to resolve. You have heard them say so many bad things about their ex. Yet they still keep interfering. Why does the ex seem to have a hold over your soulmate? You may think their ex has the power to ruin your relationship. But do they, really?

The only power the ex has is the power you both give them.


Does your ex want your soulmate back in their life? Or do they just want to break you up because they don’t want you to be happy? Is your soulmate is allowing them to get away with their behavior? Why would they let their ex get away with this? Aren’t they afraid of losing you? All this can make you feel like you’re competing with another person and it is making you miserable.

Soulmate's Ex Causing Interference in Your Relationship
Soulmate’s Ex Causing Interference in Your Relationship

What can you do when your soulmate’s ex is causing interference? They may have already caused your soulmate relationship more problems than you can bear. You need to work this out together as a couple. You need to understand that the ex had their chance. Had, as in past tense. Your soulmate needs to take your side. They shouldn’t feel they’re the only one with a say in how this is handled. You need to work together as a team.


Even though it’s only their ex who’s interfering it becomes a problem for both of you. In every other aspect of your relationship, you and your soulmate deal with everything together. If they’re the only one deciding how the ex is dealt with, a problem begins. They can’t understand your feelings or your insecurities. They are too busy with their own reasons and excuses for how they handle their ex.

When your soulmate has children with an ex, they can use the children to cause interference. They can poison the children’s minds so they hate you. They can manipulate the children to do and say things to cause a lot of friction. You can’t expect your soulmate to have nothing to do with their children. But, you can expect your soulmate to be the parent, and the adult, with their children.

They can’t force their children to like you. However, they can demand they behave politely around you and towards you. Your soulmate shouldn’t just think time will make this better. They need to instill boundaries and rules, and not be afraid to enforce them.

The ex may be using the two of you as a babysitter all the time. Doing this causes a lot of interference with your plans. Boundaries have to be drawn, and although your soulmate may need to be there in an emergency, they don’t have to be there all the time. The ex needs to find and pay for a babysitter once in a while, they can’t always use you. It just isn’t fair.

An ex can only keep causing interference in your soulmate relationship if you allow it. If you stand strong together, the ex’s interference will stop.

Originally posted on 2017-09-27 @ 2:00 pm

2 thoughts on “Soulmate’s Ex Causing Interference in Your Relationship”

  1. My ex acts all crazy like she is still the one with him even though we have been together for over 5 years! She calls all the time, always wanting something.

  2. This happened to me… and sadly they choose their manipulative toxic ex and to once again be controlled in a toxic unhealthy relatrelationship over true love that felt better and uplifted them; never forget, ‘water will always meet itself ‘, if you or a soulmate are lacking in self love, self-esteem or self worth, true unconditional selfless love will feel foreign or even scary to you or your soulmate … It’s a sacred gift to be in the presence of a soulmate, nothing compares … But if you do not know how to love yourself, sadly you may very well miss out or run from the one that could love you more than you could ever thought possible or there are stars…


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