Soulmate Signs and Signals How to Recognize Your Soulmate

Soulmate signs are indicators alerting you when you’re with your soulmate. Many of you will just know when your soulmate comes into your life. From the moment of first meeting you recognize there is something special drawing the two of you together. Sparks fly and you feel the connection ignite within you. It’s just a knowing, deep within your soul, you’ve found the partner you believe is ‘the one’.

You feel you already know each other. It feels you have known each other before. You can’t stop thinking about each other and spend a lot of time together. There is a lot of synchronicity in your lives making it appear as if you co-exited in a parallel universe. You just click. And you know it. In this new age we call it the soulmate connection. Before we used to call it love at first sight.

“But how will I know who my soul mate is?”
“By taking risks,” Wicca said to Brida. “By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never-ceasing in your search for love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.”~Paul Coelho


For some people these little soulmate signs will not always be so obvious. They may only become evident when you begin to examine your romantic relationship on a deeper level. For those who don’t buy into the soulmate theory, they interpret soulmate signals as random happenings, or coincidences, in the relationship. For those of us “in the know”, these soulmate signals prove we have met our soulmate.

What are some of the soulmate signs that allow you to recognize  your soulmate?

  • If you feel a very strong connection to someone, a connection you have never quite felt before, it could be soulmate signs. This connection is spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual. And it will be firing on several levels at once. It’s not just about the physical connection even though the sex is great. Soulmate connections are about the two souls merging. So it’s about the total connection between you. It will be intense and when you’re together it will probably be one of the greatest energy exchanges you ever have. When you’re apart, or broken up, the loss of that connection can be devastating.
Soulmate Signs and Signals How to Recognize Your Soulmate
Soulmate Signs and Signals 
  • If you feel and experience the same emotions and moods as your romantic partner, it’s soulmate signs. We don’t usually form this kind of empathic connection to someone unless it’s a soulmate or twin flame. When there’s a deep soul connection you will form an empathic bond to your soulmate, feeling and experiencing the same emotions, frustrations and even physical pain.For example, you went to work this morning in a great mood. You accomplished a lot of your tasks and were getting ready to go to lunch with some friends. Suddenly you are hit with a wave of sadness and you feel too depressed to leave the office. Later that evening your guy tells you he was very upset at lunchtime because his multimillion dollar deal fell through to his competitor.  You can find another article about the empathic soulmate connection at Soulmate Connection Both a Blessing and a Curse.
  • If you’re being bombarded with constant reminders of your romantic partner, you are being hit with soulmate signs. Let’s say your guy drives a bright red Hyundai Veloster. Since this is Hyundai’s brand new model there aren’t  too many of them on the road. When you pull up to a stop light on your way to the gym, you notice one across from you. The license plate just happens to start with the number 523, which also happens to be your guys birth date.  You had a fight two days ago and haven’t spoken since then. The Universe is giving you a little nudge, a gentle reminder through soulmate signs, that the connection is still very much alive between you. They are validating the connection you share by throwing these little synchronicites in your path. Notice them. Acknowledge them. It’s the personal hand of the Divine at work in your life.
  • Soulmate signs are evident when you tolerate certain types of behavior from your romantic partner that you wouldn’t in a mundane relationship.  As we’ve mentioned many times, soulmate relationships are about personal and spiritual growth. You may have agreed to provide the lesson of unconditional love to your romantic partner because they have been hurt, time and again, in past romances.You may experience them pulling back to temper the speed of the relationship. Your guy may go quiet for weeks even though you reach out to him several times. In all your past relationships, if someone blanked you like that, you would have told them to piss off. In a soulmate relationship you’re more tolerant. And you want to give this guy a bit more time to work through his issues. This is one of the more tricky soulmate signs because it can be confused with a dysfunctional relationship. In this situation, you may not want to let go of the relationship because you believe you’re soulmates. But in actuality you’re just holding on to a dysfunctional relationship.
  • If you felt comfortable, very at ease and safe with your romantic partner from the moment you met, soulmate signals are the cause. It may just feel right. It may just feel perfect. You feel as if you have known them forever. It won’t feel threatening. You will feel secure. You know this is where you are supposed to be.

Because these spiritual connections can be so confusing and overwhelming, we are often not able to clearly see that nature of our connection. But when you feel that spark ignite between you, you will have found your way home.

Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.
~Richard Bach





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    • Youre so welcome, many people can be confused by soulmates and we have found that listing the soulmate signs does help

  1. What if you found your soulmate and they don’t know it? However you yourself feel it and every time we talk our energies light up. The thing is is how do you cope by not being able to be together, the uncontrolable feelings you feel when you’re apart are overwhelming especially not being able to touch them, feel them, talk to them, or be with them, you start feeling lonely or that nothing matters until you’re with them.

  2. The signs are not one size fits all for all soul mate relationships. There is no specific “test” so of course we have to include the flip side. And soul mate relationships are quite often dysfunctional relationships, but not all dysfunctional relationships are soul mate relationships. We do individual readings unique to the client, but an can you do that with an article on soul mates? No. That is why we present both sides of the coin.


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