How to Manifest your Soulmate

How to manifest your soulmate is one of the topics many people ask us about. Can someone actually manifest a soulmate?

The short answer is YES you can to a degree. But the universe must be in agreement as well. So the longer answer is, you’re going to have to do some work to make that happen.

You can’t manifest your soulmate by lighting a candle and spinning around three times while reciting a mantra. And you won’t manifest them by trying to draw someone specific to you. People are not puppets, and you can’t force control over another human being.


However, you can manifest something by showing the Universe what you want in your life. You must show that you’re willing to go through the process to create it. So this exercise is not singularly focused to manifest your soulmate. Rather, it’s more to bring what you desire or need into your life. For purposes of this article we will focus on soulmates.

Many people have limiting beliefs when it comes to manifesting their desire, because they do it from a negative place. They focus on the negative aspects of their relationship. They don’t fully understand that your everyday thoughts and speech are a form of manifestation as well. Repeating limiting thoughts such as “He will never leave her” and “I worry she will never get back with me” or “I just know this relationship will fail” just manifest what you  don’t want.

Your emotions are attached to your thoughts. And when thoughts and emotion work together, they’re very powerful. So from a negative space you create the opposite of what you want. The mixture of your emotions with your thoughts manifests these things for you. So the first step is to clear out negative talk and limiting belief structures.


You need to be very careful if you decide to do the work to manifest your soulmate. That’s because karmic law is in effect. You can’t attempt to willfully bend the path of another person. This is like trying to override their free will.

When we talk about how to manifest your soulmate, we don’t mean you can recreate the relationship with someone who broke up with you last month. Sorry, that’s true even though you still love them. Manifesting relationships, or soulmates, shouldn’t be done with someone you specifically name. It just won’t work! You can’t create a soulmate connection that doesn’t exist. The universe creates them and is not open to your suggestions.

So we’re really talking about creating the space for a soulmate to enter your life. And we don’t mean making room for them in the garage or closet. We’re talking about energetic space. Usually this works best by listing key qualities and characteristics you want for you soulmate. And you should include everything! All of it! No matter how silly it may seem.

For example, you can say you want a good communicator, or someone ready for a serious relationship. You can ask for someone who is willing to express their feelings. Maybe you want someone well read. Perhaps you want someone who is spontaneous and open to new ideas. Of course you want someone you find physically attractive. The most important component is the kind of person they are and how they’ll treat you. This should be your top priority!


Now that your list is ready, you can start visualizing. Imagination is the key to visualization! Try seeing yourself in a happy, committed relationship with the qualities on your list. Hold the image in your mind’s eye for about two minutes, or longer if you can.

Try not let your mind wander and think about ordering a pizza. Remain focused. This process puts out to the Universe exactly what you want. Again, it’s very important not to attach someone’s name or face to this exercise. Be completely open to the romantic partner you desire in your life.

How to Manifest your Soulmate
How to Manifest your Soulmate

While visualizing try to see yourself on dates, taking trips or planning your wedding. Remember emotion has to be part of this as well. So how does it make you feel? Does it make you feel happy? Does it make you feel excited? Love is a very strong emotion. And when we throw our own emotions into something, it’s super-charged.


Once the visualization is done, try to remain positive for as long as you can. When trying to manifest your soulmate, please understand it could take some time for them to come into your life. So remaining positive about your visualization is important. Try not to allow negative thoughts to come in and start to bring you down. Let the Universe do what it does best. All them to bring everything into your life that you want or need.

If you start wondering how this can work, you’re throwing out doubt and slowing things down. Your own doubts can negate everything you’re doing. Try to stay in a positive state of mind. By so doing you’re taking an active role in the co-creation process with the Divine.

When you feel doubtful, impatient or have any other negative emotions, you can block things from manifesting. Thoughts are very powerful things, especially when attached to your emotions!

No phony psychic or voodoo priestess can bring your soulmate to you. It’s a scam and a waste of your money. They have zero control over your love life. Sadly, these people prey on lonely, desperate people willing to do anything to bring their soulmate into their lives. Or bring back a soulmate who left. People making this claim have no power whatsoever to make anything happen for you. They’re simply taking advantage of people for financial gain.


And finally, the most important step is to let go. When we let something go, we’re showing we have faith the Universe will bring what we need at the right time for the right reasons. If we surrender we’re not battling to do it ourselves. Besides, the Universe doesn’t really want or need our help anyway. By letting go we’re releasing it and accepting in faith our soulmate will manifest in our lives.

When we release something we really should stop focusing on it. By keeping our focus on it, we show we’re in the space of lacking what we desire. We show we’re living without that relationship, or soulmate. So let go and have faith that it will be, when the time right.

Let’s say you ask someone to do something for you. Surely you realize if you keep asking several times a day, day after day, week after week, you are annoying them. So eventually they won’t want to do anything for you. So let’s not annoy the peeps upstairs, ok? It’s like a kid on a car trip who constantly asks “are we there yet?” It doesn’t make you drive faster or get there sooner. It just makes you want to throw the kid in the trunk. (This is a joke, obviously.)


There’s also responsibility on your part as well. This is where you assist in manifesting your soulmate in other ways. If you’re someone who stays home all the time, who works from home, who doesn’t go out and socialize with friends, have all your groceries delivered and basically never leave your house, chances of meeting someone who fits your definition of soulmate might be limited. Unless, of course, it’s the pizza delivery person.

There’s a very slim chance your soulmate will come knocking on your front door. So you might have to break out of your comfort zone and go out once in a while. Go to a place where you might meet the one you’re trying to manifest. And this doesn’t mean stalking your ex at their weekly baseball game. If you want someone who’s well read, go to the bookstore. If you want someone who enjoys art, peruse your local art museum or gallery. We’re not suggesting you do this to make you uncomfortable. But these actions show the Universe you’re serious about a soulmate relationship.


Once again we have to be very clear here at the risk of repeating ourselves. But of course, we’re going to repeat ourselves. Trying to draw a specific person by name into your life, or back into your life, is a karmic NO-NO. Using this exercise to draw someone to you is an attempt at bending their free will.

It won’t work. You are not a puppet master and they’re not a puppet. Don’t bother. You will just end up very frustrated anyway because it’s a violation of karmic law to manipulate another’s energy. We’re not the karma police, but we have warned you. Again!.

We are all-powerful beings. We’re all divine. And we all have the power within us through faith, intent, visualization and focus to create things in life that are most precious to us. We have the ability to co-create the life and love we want, with the Universe. So just do it. And remember to have fun and harm none!

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  1. Really well written and I particularly loved how you articulated that if we don’t let go of the desired outcome, then we are affirming a lack. Trust is incredibly important, which is why I tend to believe that too much ‘seeking’ only affirms separation from what is being sought. Every time I have met a soulmate it has been unexpected…everybody says that but it is true! And I’m grateful for the lessons each one of my soul family has gifted me so far to allow a suitable life partner and divine relationship to manifest in alignment with divine timing. Love to you 🙂


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