Being Unappreciative With Your Soulmate – Top 5 Signs

Being unappreciative toward a soulmate happens a lot. You may not feel appreciated. But you may wonder if you’re making a bigger deal out of it than you should. You make many excuses. You decide your soulmate may be stressed and busy at work. Or maybe you’re just being too sensitive. How can you tell if your soulmate is being unappreciative?


The first sign your soulmate is unappreciative is if they don’t ask about what’s going on in your life. They have no problem telling you what’s going on with them. And even bombard you with it the second they walk through the door. But they never seem interested enough to ask what’s going on with you. They expect you to wait on them and get things done for them. But have no regard how it may be inconvenient for you. They take for granted that you have the time to do things for them. But they don’t spend a single minute asking about what may be important to you or going on with you. Often this can lead to them flat-out ignoring you completely.

Being Unappreciative With Your Soulmate

Being Unappreciative With Your Soulmate


Another sign they don’t appreciate you is they rarely, if ever, say thank you. And, if they do once in a while, it seems like an afterthought. They’re always asking for favors, and pretty much don’t let you say no. When you do say no, they either get mad or complain how it’s going to be a hassle if they do it themselves. But it’s not a hassle for you to it. They constantly ask you for favors and expect you to do it. But when you ask them to do something for you, they either say they can’t. Or they tell you how much trouble it will be and then expect a reward for being so wonderful.  They never reward you by the way. They may tell you thanks here and there. But they really don’t show they are thankful at all.


Your soulmate doesn’t consider your feelings when they do things or make decisions that affect both of you. This is another sign you’re under appreciated. They are thinking and behaving selfishly. And as long as they’re happy with their decision then you too will be happy. They think only of themselves, instead of appreciating how much you think of them.


Does your social life either revolves around what they want to do? Or do you not have a social life because they don’t want to do anything? Well they’re being unappreciative.  They should be grateful you’re willing to go with them to action movies or monster truck rallies. But they never think to go with you to a movie you’d like, unless they would like it too. They expect you to take one for the team, but they never take one for the team for you.


If your soulmate constantly makes then breaks plans with you they’re inconsiderate. Especially if they act like it’s no big deal. And because they throw out the same old worn out excuses. When plans with you are always the lowest priority, they don’t appreciate your worth and your time. When your soulmate makes plans without consulting you, or makes them only for themselves, they’re showing you your input isn’t needed.

These are 5 signs that your soulmate is unappreciative of you. Perhaps you have been doing too much, and they took it all for granted. The time has come for them to wake up from their self-centered behavior and realize you are both supposed to put forth and effort, and are both equal partners in this relationship.


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