Is Your Soulmate Appreciative?

Is your soulmate appreciative of the things you do? We can all take some of the things our loved one do for us for granted. After they’ve done these things so many times, we feel we’re entitled to them. This attitude and perception make the people we love feel unappreciated. Why would we want to make them feel that way?


They make us feel loved by the kind gestures and thoughtfulness they show us. Why don’t we feel the need to say thank you even once in a while? Are they supposed to know it by telepathy or something? Think of all the times they spend doing things to make our lives better. In reality they don’t have to do any of it. We should consider ourselves lucky someone cares enough about us to be as kind and thoughtful as they are.

Instead, many of us are not thankful. And we’re spoiled rotten brats. If your soulmate does not appreciate you they need to understand how this is going to affect your relationship long-term. When you make someone feel as though you don’t appreciate them, they don’t feel loved. They feel taken for granted and undervalued. After a while, out of the blue, they will want out.

Is Your Soulmate Appreciative
Is Your Soulmate Appreciative ?

Even a soulmate will reach their wit’s end. They won’t care what you say at that point. Begging and pleading will fall on deaf ears. Sure there is a soulmate connection but it wasn’t honored. They gave and gave and you couldn’t even say thank you. Surely you could take two seconds out of your day to let them know you appreciate them. Your words will seem empty because your lack of actions and lack appreciative words in the past spoke volumes.


They won’t believe you will change, even if they want to. You convinced them they can’t do enough to please you or get your attention. They don’t want to live like this anymore, with someone who takes them for granted. They become emotionally available to someone else because they emotionally checked out with you. You let it go on for too long for them to try anymore.

Now they want to find someone else, someone who treats them differently than you do. You have no idea how many clients tell us about ending their soulmate relationship. They weren’t appreciated, it went on too long and they simply gave up on their soulmate. Some were fixable. But it took a lot of work, a lot of convincing and a lot of time to get the soulmates to reunite.

For some, it was too late. We’re not suggesting you have to go overboard and be grateful for everything and anything. Just be more appreciative than you have been. It can’t hurt your soulmate relationship and it just may save it.


3 thoughts on “Is Your Soulmate Appreciative?”

  1. My soulmate was totally selfish for a long time, and guess what? I stopped doing everything for his self entitled self and he now doesnt take me for granted and says thank you more often.

  2. I used to be very appreciative and truly so,but because of the many times I got hurt by my soulmate I cannot feel appreciation anymore.
    I almost believe he used me to get validation


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