Is He My Soulmate? Is She My Soulmate?

Is he my soulmate? Is she my soulmate?

Many people call us seeking validation to these questions.

Here are some hypothetical scenarios and common questions we get to help decide for yourself if they’re truly your soulmate.


1. Is my ex my soulmate?

I am still in love with my ex. We had this amazing connection. So are they my soulmate?

The answer is yes. It’s possible your ex is a soul connection. If you felt a connection unlike anything you have ever felt before, this could indicate you’re soulmates. Did the relationship feel very intense and move rather quickly? This too can indicate a true spiritual connection.

2. Strangers in the night.

I saw someone at a social function the other night. When we exchanged glances a few times it was so intense. Could they be a soul connectioRn?

The answer is, if you don’t see them again any time relatively soon, they’re not a soulmate. Without a name, or any other way of contacting each other, chances are they’re not. Why would the universe create a connection but not a meeting or opportunity for more?

In order for someone to have a soul connection, there needs to be depth. Not just glances across a crowded room where nothing ever comes of it. The universe will always allow soulmates to have a chance at something significant. There is a chance this meeting will not be the only time you come in contact with this person.

3. Texting only relationship.

I get a weekly text message from someone I had a one night stand with two-years ago. Are we meant to be something more? Our physical chemistry was off the charts so I thought they might be a soul connection.

The answer is more than likely, no. Receiving a text message once a week from someone you slept with 2 years ago doesn’t really fit.

When soul partners first meet, something special happens, even if it only lasts a short time. It would be more than just sex alone. Sometimes sexual chemistry is just that, great chemistry and nothing more. Unless they show you signs they feel a connection to you as well, this leans more to a no. Soulmate connections always go both ways.

4. I met someone on a dating app but not in person.

I met someone on a dating app. We’ve been texting and talking on the phone for months, are they my soulmate?

Is He My Soulmate? Is She My Soulmate?
Is He My Soulmate? Is She My Soulmate?

Now this person could actually be your soulmate! But, you won’t really know until you meet them in person. You can have what seems like a great connection through text or the phone. But you really need to see if the connection is there when you meet in person. It may fizzle, it may be great. But you won’t really know until you meet face to face.

5. I met this amazing person and we’ve been together for a long time.

I am in a relationship with this amazing person. They’re helping me work through all my abandonment issues. Additionally, I was able to teach them about unconditional love. We have changed for the better and are very committed towards one another. We both feel this strong connection between us.

Yes, this is a true soul connection!

6. I have a strong connection to this person but they’re married.

Could my soulmate already be married? The answer is yes.

Someone can be your soul partner if they’re married or already in another relationship. Many times soulmates marry other people before they find each other. In some cases the universe has to put soulmates together when one or both are not single. It is the only way for them to become single!

7. My partner treats me like crap. Soulmates wouldn’t treat each other badly, would they?

If they’re a soulmate why do they treat me like crap? Unfortunately, sometimes soulmates mistreat each other, or just one of you does. Soul partners often take advantage of the connection between them thinking they can get away with murder.

The problem is the other soulmate often allows it because of the connection they share. Just because someone treats you badly doesn’t mean they’re not a soulmate. But it also does not mean you should put up with it either.

8. He has a girlfriend or she has a boyfriend.

He has a girlfriend but we have an amazing connection. Just like the case when someone is married, the same applies to girlfriends or boyfriends.

Sometimes people meet at the right time so they don’t make a mistake and date or marry the wrong person. Sometimes they’re already in relationships when they meet their soulmate. This presents them with the challenge of leaving that relationship so they can be with their soul partner.

It’s a catalyst for change. If he does it, and you wind up together, it’s a good chance he is your soulmate.

9. They don’t feel the same about me as I do about them.

Is she my soul partner if she doesn’t feel the same way about me? Is he my soulmate if he doesn’t feel the same way about me? If they truly don’t have the same feelings you do, then the answer is no. They are not a soulmate.

Like we said earlier, a connection goes both ways. If she or he doesn’t feel the same way about you now, and isn’t willing to consider it for the future, they aren’t a soulmate. Perhaps they’re concealing their feelings for you.

Sometimes people fight these spiritual unions. They choose to ignore them and push them away. There could be a soulmate connection here but they clearly do not want to do anything about it at this time.

10. Are we soulmates if our relationship has a lot of problems?

Can we truly be in spiritual partnership if our relationship has one problem or issue after the other? Aren’t we supposed to meet and then be happy?

Some soulmate relationships are really put to the test. But you’re supposed to rise above them. Quite often soulmate relationships are exceptionally difficult ones. Although they can have drama and challenges those can be overcome if the connection is real.

11. He refuses to change or she refuses to change.

How can she or he be my soulmate if they refuse to change? Soulmates, just like everyone else, resist change. People don’t like change. Now some soulmates can and will change, but you need to look at what changes you can make to get the ball rolling.

Perhaps you’re hanging in there because you think he’s your soulmate, or that she’s a soulmate. Yet  she or he makes no effort to change. If you really believe they’re your soulmate, you should have the strength to put your foot down. It’s time to take a stand and stop enabling them.

12. She or He has addictions.

Is he my soulmate if they an addiction problem?

Yes, you can have a spiritual partner who’s addicted to drugs, alcohol or anything else. But just like with every other addict, their disease comes before your relationship. They need to get help, and remain clean, for your soulmate relationship to move forward and stabilize.

So is he my soulmate? Is she my soulmate?

Sometimes it’s hard to discern whether someone is the one for you. You may believe you read the signs and signals right. It is easier to identify when both partners validate the connection. It is harder when one denies it or won’t be truthful.

We also compiled a little Soulmate Connection Test so you can see if you’re with your soul partner.

Originally posted on 2012-03-31 @ 1:30 pm

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  1. oh this really did help me out. Is there such thing as a false soulmate or when you think they are and it feels like it but they are not?


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