Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?

Have your soulmates feelings for you changed? Everything was wonderful between you, now suddenly, out of nowhere, they announce they don’t feel the same way?

Sadly, many soulmates experience this scenario all the time. Even though all soulmate connections and couples are different, this is a common occurrence for many. So let’s look at why this happens as often as it does.


The intensity of feelings can be overwhelming making some soulmates feel powerless. Initially, when soulmates collide, that lack of power is exhilarating. They willingly ride the tide of emotions and it is exciting. Everything is perfect, everything is in sync and both soulmates are blissfully happy.

But then ride comes to an end and soulmates come back to earth as reality sets in. The happiness, bliss and euphoria they’re swept away by scares them. All one or both of them may want to do now is run from their emotions. The emotion of fear is blinding the emotion of love and many choose to deny these feelings are real.

Soulmates often choose to deny the connection at some point in the relationship. Even if it’s to just question it in their minds. They may not even act on it, but they will think about it. For some, they choose the route of challenging the connection.

Usually just one member of the soulmate couple does this, but both parties certainly could. When your soulmate is trying to fight their feelings for you, they may suddenly tell you their feelings have changed. Chances are they will say they no longer feel anything for you.

This is not the truth of the situation, this is their way of dealing with fear. Feelings can’t be changed overnight unless one of you does something horrendous to the other. Even then, it takes a while for feelings to dissipate. So when/if a soulmate says their feelings have changed, something isn’t right. Many of our clients have been given some of the lamest, vaguest reasons you can imagine.


Many clients call us worrying their connection has changed or has gone away. Sure, you may feel the withdrawal of your soulmate if that’s what they’re doing. You might feel even minor fluctuations in your connection to your soulmate.

Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?
Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?

If your soulmate is acting strangely it makes sense why you would react to it. It’s easy to worry if your soulmate is behaving as though their feelings have changed.

Soulmates can often become mean or distant to provoke an argument. Their behavior may change for the worse. For true soulmates, this rarely means their feelings have changed.

There’s usually another motive for this behavior. It can be as simple as them wanting to test the boundaries of your relationship. They may have come from a previous toxic relationship and are now bringing that learned behavior into your relationship. Testing boundaries, and seeing what you will let them get away with, could be why this is happening. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting you to back-off from an issue you bring up.

Perhaps you’ve been putting the pressure on your soulmate to end their other relationship. You’re getting tired of waiting and want to know when it’s finally going to happen. They put it off for whatever reason, but now it’s coming to a head. Rather than do what needs to be done so your relationship to move forward, they throw a monkey wrench instead. They want to create fear and insecurity so you will back-off. This is a distraction technique. It’s easier for them to do that than to end their other relationship like they should.


Just because someone is your soulmate doesn’t mean their feelings for you will never change. Treating someone terribly for a long period of time can break their heart and you may lose them for good. A soulmate connection will not guarantee your partner will always accept your mistreatment. Even soulmates have a limit to how much they will put up with.

So, if you continue to do things they repeatedly warn you about, time and again, they will have enough. Your soulmate’s feelings may have changed due to what you’ve done or said. If you think you can get away with anything and everything because your soulmate will never leave, think again. You can lose a soulmate forever, don’t expect the connection between the two of you to save your relationship. You can, and will, lose them if you don’t cut out the nonsense.

When soulmates are apart it’s extremely rare the feelings toward one another will change due to just the distance. A soulmate connection is eternal, so they won’t forget you overnight, months or even over years. No matter what they do or how many times they do it, you can’t turn those feelings on and off like a light switch. If they do, then they really were not a soulmate.

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Originally posted on 2016-11-11 @ 3:00 pm

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  1. My soulmate has said many times during our relationship his feelings changed but then they seem to change back?

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