Getting Closure from a Soulmate Relationship

Getting closure from a soulmate relationship is difficult and takes time.

Many people think getting closure from a soulmate relationship is impossible. Well, it can be difficult but not impossible.

The connection between soulmates can be very powerful. But that doesn’t mean the connection has power over you forever.

So how does one go about getting closure from a soulmate relationship?


First, you must get over the myth soulmate relationships never end. Just as a soulmate comes into your life, they can exit at some point. If one of you exercises your free will, your union can reach an endpoint.

The first step in getting closure from a soulmate is to cut yourself some slack. There’s no way you’re going to make this happen quickly. So you need to accept that reality for starters.

Give yourself some time to feel sad. You need time to grieve the loss of your soulmate so you can then go about getting closure. Just don’t take more time than you really need.

The grieving process is different for everyone. So don’t fight the process, go with it. If you can’t accept the loss of the relationship, there’s no way of getting closure.

Getting Closure from a Soulmate Relationship
Getting Closure from a Soulmate Relationship

Getting closure is a journey.

A hard journey. You can’t just ask for closure, you have to work to achieve it over time.

Try not to focus on just the good times you had in your relationship as this can keep you stuck. Mourn the good and the bad, then you can begin to let go and move on.

The soulmate relationship was part of your life. And it’s sad it can’t be part of your future. You can find happiness again, even though that may sound impossible right now.


How you see your soulmate experience is up to you. So you can either feel blessed and take the lessons from it. Or you can feel cursed and wish you never met them. If you chose the later, your journey towards closure will be longer.

Take the lesson you were supposed to learn from it. Soulmates don’t come into our lives so we can have a great love, moonlight walks on the beach and awesome sex. They come with a price and that price is lessons. Learning your lessons can go a long long way towards getting closure from a soulmate.

Focus on your own life.

In getting closure, you have to focus on your life, not the life of your soulmate. So cut contact with them. Stay away from social media sites where you can spy on them or hear something about them. Perhaps after you find closure you can have contact with them, or see them on social media sites, without it being a detriment to you.

Keep from talking to others about your soulmate. And cease any internal dialogues with yourself. Constantly talking about them will not help getting closure. All that talking actually keeps you from getting closure because you’re verbally making them part of your life.

Getting closure from a soulmate relationship is something that will take time. So be good to yourself. This is the perfect time to practice positive self care. Give yourself a chance to release the relationship so healing can begin.

Keep in mind that we can have more than one soulmate in our lives.

There’s a reason for that. Let’s say your soulmate ruined your relationship. You couldn’t save it no matter what you tried to do, You will be awarded the opportunity of another soulmate because you were not responsible for the outcome. They were, and they sure won’t be given another soulmate. The Universe will not give them the same gift that they mistreated and threw away.

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  1. Hi, I live in the UK and have read numerous articles on your website. Every time I block him off my mind, he pops into my dreams and I’m back to square one. I understand you do not readings outside North America but is there a way around it as I have not found another soulmate reader in the Uk? I’m pretty desperate to stop the dreams.


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