Ending Your Soulmate Relationship

There are many reasons for ending your soulmate relationship. For some it is simply a matter of moving on with their lives. For others there is a realization the soulmate contract has been completed and the relationship has reached it natural closing point. Regardless of the reason, when a soulmate leaves you, it can be a very difficult experience. Not just for you but for your soulmate as well.

Ending a soulmate relationship is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you feel you are ready to end your relationship you probably have given it some thought. Perhaps your soulmate is not participating in the relationship the way you want them to. Maybe they are not giving you what you expect and deserve in your relationship, and you want more. Maybe they are rejecting you. If this is the case you have probably tried to get them to be reasonable and reach a compromise with you, to at least meet you half way. If they are not willing to, ending your soulmate relationship may be your only recourse. Even though this is difficult, it will free you to be available to meet a soulmate partner who is better for you.

Ending Your soulmate Relationship

Ending Your Soulmate Relationship

Ending your soulmate relationship may be the best course of action for you if you are still interested in an ex or a past soulmate. You may decide your current soulmate relationship is not as fulfilling as the last one, and have a desire to see if you can reunite with your ex. On the other hand you may not know if he is still interested in your or willing to give it a fresh start.

Ending your soulmate relationship to begin a new relationship is another option. You may have met someone new and decide that ending your current relationship to begin this new one is what you want to do. New relationships, especially new soulmate relationships, are always exciting because it is all about the connection and the flush of new romance.

Seeing someone new, while you are still in a relationship, can be challenging. You may be ending your soulmate relationship to begin a new one that goes nowhere. This new guy you met could be a player or commitment-phobe. A soulmate reading will reveal if this new relationship will stand the test of time. During your soulmate reading, we will be able to ascertain if this new guy can go the distance with you or if he is just a fling. This is valuable information to have before ending your soulmate relationship and beginning a new one.

Fear of commitment is another reason for ending your soulmate relationship. Perhaps you are not quite ready to settle down, get married and start a family. You may have your own career aspirations or need to reach some personal goals before committing to a relationship for the long haul. If you are commitment-phobic yourself perhaps it is because in past relationships you were always hurt or emotionally damaged by those you loved. You may be moving to another city, state or country for your job. Job transfers are another reason for ending your soulmate relationship. Remember, even when you are in a soulmate relationship you still have to make your own personal choices for the best evolution of your soul and your life on the planet.



  1. I thought soulmate relationships never end?

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