Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

Does your soulmate have potential? All soulmate connections have potential. They have the potential for growth as individuals and a deep meaningful long-term relationship. But not every soulmate will live up to their potential, and the relationship may not work out on a romantic level.

Soulmate relationships are all about life lessons (twin flames have already learned theirs) and it is the free will of each soulmate to decide when and if they are ready to learn those lessons. The universe doesn’t give out cheat sheets, and won’t give either of you a free pass to avoid those lessons. The lessons are hard and the change needed is often uncomfortable. There are a lot of things about us we would rather not change. It would be easier on us for our partner/soulmate to just adapt.

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

The universe connects soulmates to challenge them to stop ignoring faults and avoiding change. If your soulmate resists learning and changing, and you enable it, expect the relationship to have the potential for disaster. Ask anyone that has gone through soulmate hell, they will tell you it is the worst. The universe will not reward either of you when you won’t reach your potential as individuals. So if you have wondered why the universe has done this terrible thing to you by bringing you a soulmate that is driving you nuts, you are blaming the wrong party. If you enable, the potential for a healthy relationship goes down the drain.

Don’t think that just because you are soulmates that automatically ensures the potential for a great, long-term, healthy relationship. If you both rise to the challenges, yes. If you act out, enable, or resist, no. The Universe only creates the connection, it is up to both of you to do something with that connection.

Stop looking just at what your soulmate needs to do, change or learn. Leave that to them. Look at what they are doing wrong and how it is affecting YOU. Is it making you insecure or fearful, making you afraid to speak up or challenge your soulmate? If so, there is YOUR lesson right there. You want your soulmate to get it right? Then get yourself right FIRST.

We see it all too often. A soulmate contacts us hoping their relationship has potential but fearing it doesn’t. When we see what their soulmate is resisting or not learning, it is almost always revealed what the client is resisting as well. Why is it so hard to comprehend that you cannot expect your soulmate to do what they need to do if you don’t address what you need to do as well? It should be pretty easy to understand and should make perfect sense. 

Both of you are in charge of the potential your union has. Not the universe, or anyone else. You two have sole responsibility. So don’t feel helpless or hopeless. If you want to stay together always, then simply stick together and face your challenges together and support each other. You are not supporting your soulmate by assisting them in avoiding the issues and certainly not helping yourself. 



  1. Thank for this wonderful article. A lot of confusion around sole mates. This is a great read.

  2. I had a reading with both of you. You really helped me out a lot. Just wanted to say thanks!

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