Does My Soulmate Love Me as Much as I Love Them?

Does my soulmate love me as much as I love them? We get asked this question almost on a daily basis.

For the record, a soulmate connection connects people. And that connection goes both ways. Period. So yes, if they’re a real soulmate they love you as much as you love them. That is not up for debate.


However, just because your soulmate loves you doesn’t mean they are going to show you the extent of their feelings. You may be the braver one. You may be the one willing to express all your feelings in every way imaginable. Through your words and your deeds. And you may be ready to do it constantly and consistently.

Does My Soulmate Love Me as Much as I Love Them?
Does My Soulmate Love Me as Much as I Love Them?

Your soulmate, on the other hand, may not be as ready, willing, and able to show exactly how they feel about you right now. In fact, they may be hell bent on doing everything they can to show you they don’t love you the same way you love them. They may tell you it is all one-sided. They may do everything in their physical power to push you away.

Is it because they truly hate you?

Or that they want nothing to do with you? Is it because they are not sure of their feelings?  No, it is because they are not in a position at the moment, for their own personal reasons, to accept within themselves that they have this powerful love and connection to you. They are afraid of what this feeling can do to them. The may be afraid of getting let down, being vulnerable, or being left. They are just not ready.

If they can feel this strongly for someone, how badly would it be hurt if this connection does not last? That is terrifying to most people. Soulmates have a difficult time in most cases letting go of the fear they have of losing themselves and losing their soulmate. Being vulnerable is terrifying. The knowledge that someone else holds your heart and soul in their grasp, and can choose to either hold on or let go scares the crap out of most people.


All relationships require both partners taking a certain amount of risk because there are no guarantees. But with soulmates, they feel they have more to lose. So just because your soulmate won’t show you the depth of their feelings, or express them verbally to you, doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same way. No doubt those feelings exist. You just have to wait for them to be ready to reveal them to you. You can’t force them to be ready to expose them. And you can’t convince them that now is the time to do it. If you try, they may just shut down. It’s frustrating, but you have to allow them the time they need to feel comfortable and safe doing so.

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