Divine Intervention and Soulmates

Divine intervention occurs in different ways in the soulmate journey.

Many soulmates wouldn’t cross paths without divine intervention encouraging the connection. We see many couples meet their soulmate in such incredible ways. They are certain the universe played a role in getting them to meet.


First instance, a soulmate couple met on a flight neither were supposed to be on. One of them missed their connecting flight because their original flight was delayed. The other was bumped from their original flight due to the airline overbooking the tickets. They didn’t have seats together either.

But because a family of three asked to change seats so they could sit together, they were then seated next to each other. The synchronicity of the events caused by the universe are truly amazing as we see it working in our lives.

Divine Intervention and Soulmates
Divine Intervention and Soulmates

There are so many stories of how the universe brings soulmates together.

But that’s not the only way divine intervention can affect soulmate relationships. We all reach a crossroads at some point in our earthly existence. It’s at these crossroads soulmates often come into our lives through divine intervention and divine timing.

We could be going down the wrong road, or about to make the wrong choice, that can negatively impact our lives. It’s at this time a soulmate enters the picture. Usually they show us another path we can take.


Many soulmate couples have told us they aren’t even looking for a soulmate. Others tell us they don’t believe in soulmates until they met one. They’re closed off to the idea that soulmates even exist.

Divine intervention put them on a completely different path. Once you meet your soulmate you can no longer doubt they exist. Even if you try to run from it or deny it, you know the truth deep down inside. This can open so many doors to spiritual growth, even if the wrong path is chosen.

Divine intervention also occurs for soulmate reunions. It may appear all hope is lost. And fear can take over and the chance at reconciliation seems impossible. But then the universe often steps in. The universe won’t fix the relationship or the couple’s issues. Those are for the individuals to work on themselves. Destiny provides the opportunity but the couple must do the work.

The universe won’t do all the work for you but with divine intervention they offer some assistance. The heavy lifting is up to the couple. Because the hard work is what brings about positive growth and positive change. That’s why the universe can’t force the soulmates to work on themselves and stay together.

So although divine intervention plays it’s part in soulmate relationships, the couple have to play their parts as well.

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