Dating a Soulmate Before Divorce

Dating a soulmate before a divorce is quite commonplace. We cannot tell you the amount of times we have hear from people who meet a soulmate while one, or both of them, are married. They consider divorce but decide not to act on it. Then a soulmate comes into their lives and they now must face the reality that is their marriage.


Soulmates often meet, begin dating, and carry on affairs because both of them are not single. Regardless of how far along you are in the divorce process, until you’re single, you are having an affair. The intensity of the connection between soulmates makes it very difficult to wait until a divorce is final. So they often begin dating before a divorce is final.

When you meet a soulmate, you want your life with them to start immediately. They are all you manage to think about and you easily throw caution to the wind. A divorce is a serious decision to make. And although they can take a long time, they don’t take forever. A divorce can get complicated when the other party knows about the new soulmate. The one being divorced, who hasn’t moved on, doesn’t really want the other to move on and be happy. So they use stall tactics to cause problems. The sad thing is, it often works.

Dating a Soulmate Before Divorce
Dating a Soulmate Before Divorce


The drama of a divorce can bring out the worst in all of us. It is hard to stay classy, calm and sane when the other party is behaving the opposite way. You may not want to go to war with your soon to be ex and would prefer the divorce is amicable. But if your soon to be ex learns you meet a soulmate, World War 3 will seem tame.

If you begin dating your soulmate before hiring an attorney, or filing for divorce, you’re probably making the wrong move. Instead of beginning an affair, begin the process of ending your marriage. First things first. Your soulmate is so important you’re willing to lie, cheat and risk everything. So shouldn’t they be important enough for you to hire an attorney and file some papers?


It’s not to say you can’t resist the urge to begin dating a soulmate before divorce, yet you can resist the urge to end your prior relationship. That just doesn’t make sense. If you want your soulmate in your life that bad, then you obviously don’t want your marriage in your life. So do the right thing.

When you begin dating a soulmate before a divorce you take your sacred relationship and disrespect it by lying, cheating and everything else that comes with an affair. If this connection is so strong, and this person means that much to you, then keep your soulmate in your life. But work on your future together by properly getting closure on your past.

Don’t let someone use excuse after excuse as to why they can’t get divorced. If they can’t, then they can’t have you. Often a soulmate is supposed to make you realize a part of your life (such as a marriage) is over. And that you need to make changes that you have been avoiding. By having an affair you’re still avoiding the changes you need to make, so expect the problems that come with avoidance.

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  1. I find myself in this situation. He hates his wife, tells me all the time, but then why not get the divorce I always tell him! I am running out of patience with this man! Soulmate or not!

  2. This is me. Married. Dating my soul mate. In a rat bag marriage, one young child from the marriage. Wasn’t even looking for a soul mate, it just started out as sex, quickly grew to love and now we’ve exchanged soulmates confirmations. I’ve never known a love like this. It is amazing. I’m totally at ease ending my marriage, I look at it as the first half of my life, it’s made me, me. I cannot reveal much about my lovely soulmate, but she is a highly successful medical practitioner with multiple degrees, she is a smart cookie, for her to see me as her peer, is so humbling. I can’t wait to introduce her to mum and dad, who ATM have no idea my marriage is a hollow sham.
    Three months ago I didn’t even know what a soulmate was.
    Another topic for discussion is how to deal with life partners whom you’ve realised as far from soulmates. She’s the mother of my kid, and financially dependant on me. I thought I loved her, but my soul mate has come along and taught me it’s not love, it’s something much less. This fact could be crushing for the soon to be ex wife, who has never had robust mental health anyway. Of there is another topic to write about, mental health of soul mates.


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