Can You Get Closure From a Soulmate?

Can you get closure from a soulmate? In reality, you really need to get closure from yourself, not from someone else.
You may want the truth from your soulmate in order to move on, but who is to say they will be willing to tell you the truth? The only truth you should be concerned with is what you know to be true.

If your soulmate has had one too many chances and doesn’t deserve another right now, that is all you need to know. If you know your soulmate has had more than enough opportunities to change their bad behavior but have not, you know the truth of the situation. They are not taking you and the relationship seriously enough to change for the better.

Can You Get Closure From a Soulmate?

Can You Get Closure From a Soulmate?

You may want to know your soulmates true feelings about you so you can get closure. How they feel about you doesn’t matter if they are making you miserable all the time. What matters is how they have made you feel about yourself, your soulmate and the relationship. You have all the information you need don’t you? Even if you feel the need to express what is in your heart it probably won’t assist you in taking the necessary steps towards closure.

Soulmate relationships are very complex on many levels, and they are very hard to bring to full termination. This is one of the primary reasons soulmates stay together which leads to a dysfunctional relationship. The couple would actually benefit more from a soulmate time-out. During a soulmate separation, the couple can learn the lessons they need to separately, because for one reason or another they could not learn them together.

Soulmates who have separated will usually experience soulmate separation anxiety. Instead of focusing on what they need to make them better people, they seek closure. That is a complete waste of time because the soulmate relationship isn’t over. They put themselves through what feels like torture for no good reason. They get back together without having created change and the relationship doesn’t get any better so they most often separate again.

Seeking closure is usually not something you should do. You should be trying to create change within yourself so you can have a better relationship with yourself, your soulmate, or whoever else comes along. When your soulmate relationship is in tatters, chances are you are too. First fix yourself and heal. Take whatever time you need. Then, with more clarity, closure will be easier to obtain, or you will find it was not necessary to seek it in the first place.

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  1. I have been trying to get closure from mine for a long long time

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