Are You Crazy About Your Soulmate?

Are you crazy about your soulmate? Do you constantly think about your soulmate no matter how hard you try not to? Do you feel things that you never felt before? Are you finding yourself changing because of your soulmate when you wouldn’t for anyone else? Do you see the world differently, in a more positive way thanks to your soulmate? If the answers are yes, you are crazy about your soulmate in a very good way.

Really experiencing the connection to your soulmate has given you a positive outlook on things. You are open to deeper meanings, feelings, and experiences on a whole new level. You find yourself feeling more ambitious, positive and ready to take on the world. Being crazy about someone isn’t all that bad, now is it?

But what if being crazy about your soulmate is another thing altogether? Instead of your soulmate bringing out the best in you, what if they are bringing out the crazy in you? What if, instead of feeling positive you feel only doom and gloom? What if meeting your soulmate has caused you to question your own sanity? What if things have gotten so bad with your soulmate that you almost wish you had never met them?

crazy about your soulmate

Are You Crazy About Your Soulmate?

You try everything, even sinking to levels of behavior that make you barely recognizable. The effects this relationship  is having on your life are self-destructive. This is being crazy about your soulmate in a bad way. This dynamic must be changed before the soulmate relationship gets too out of control.

Like with anything else, there is a good side and a bad side to soulmate relationships. The connection can be both a blessing and a curse. So what can be done to manage this relationship? What should you do if your soulmate relationship is filled with drama and dysfunction? How do you stop your soulmate from losing your mind?

The first thing you should do is take a break from your soulmate. That does not mean you have to end the relationship, just take a break from the drama. Even if it is just a weekend, put the problems out of your mind. You have gone over them enough, and also experienced all the emotions. Give yourself 48 hours of anything BUT your soulmate relationship as well as your thoughts and feelings about it.

This helps you create some emotional and mental distance. It helps the whirlwind of chaos die down and gives you the chance to get some clarity of your situation. Now try to look at your soulmate relationship from a different perspective. Being crazy about your soulmate has stopped you from looking at reality to a certain degree. You solve problems with your mind more so than your emotions.

Take a step back and treat yourself like you would a friend. Change the characters of you and your sou mate to that of you and your best friend and their significant other. Pretend they are the one with the problem. What advice would you give them, without drawing from your own fears, insecurities, or any other emotion?

Wouldn’t you tell them to stop doing the same things over and over again? Wouldn’t you tell them regardless of how they feel they need to rise to higher levels of behavior instead of acting like a crazy person? Wouldn’t you tell them to stop stressing, and if this person is really their soulmate they should have the strength to do the right thing? Now take your own advice. That way you can be crazy about your soulmate instead of being driven crazy by your soulmate.

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