Where is My Soulmate?

These days everyone asks us, “where is my soulmate?”. Mundane relationships are no longer enough for most folks. We don’t know why but the New Age buzzwords all seem to be about soulmate and twin flame relationships. And then  the unhappiness that will result if you don’t experience one in your lifetime.


In truth, they could be anywhere. They can be anywhere in the world, actually. Your soulmate may be down the street or in a neighborhood on the other side of the globe. When it comes to spiritually connected relationships the world is a very small place. No distance is too far where soulmates are concerned.

Where is My Soulmate?
Where is My Soulmate?

These meetings are defined in our soul blueprints. And the two souls are destined to meet, no matter where they are. It’s the orchestration of the meeting that will take a little time and patience.  These are not meetings we put together ourselves either. But meetings that have divine purpose. When meetings occur there is the element of the hand of the Universe, or the divine in them. Likewise, they will occur with what we call divine timing.

The point is, it’s clearly not time for you to meet just yet. But rest assured, you will. Since you agree to meet this other soul before being born, there’s a certain fated quality that comes with it. There is a destiny to meet and a purpose to connect. There’s a reason for having this soulmate energy in your life.


Are you ready for the life lessons a soulmate relationship will bring? Soulmate relationships can be challenging because you soul is being called upon to grow and evolve personally, spiritually and emotionally. This soulmate relationship will change you, giving you a better understanding of yourself and how you behave in romantic relationships.

There are many reasons for wanting to have a special relationship in your life. Please examine the reasons carefully before throwing the wish out there to the Universe. Are you hoping this intense romantic relationship will fix any problems you have about yourself? This includes your insecurities, weaknesses and fears? Have you worked on yourself? Do you know who you are? Before your soulmate can truly enter your life you have to be emotionally, physically, and mentally stable. Why, you ask? Because the relationship will throw you off-balance. It has to in order for you to become who you are destined to become.

There is a divine order to the Universe, to your life and its spiritual journey, and to locating and meeting your soulmate. You will not be able to locate them. They will not be able to locate you. It will just be. You will find each other when the time is right. It’s not really so much a question of “Where is my soulmate?” as much as it is a question of “When is my soulmate?”  The real answer to that question is, when you’ve found yourself and are ready for them.


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