Soulmate Sabotage: Are You Ruining Your Soulmate Relationship?

Soulmate sabotage happens all the time. For various reasons one or both soulmates may sabotage their future relationship. Now why does a soulmate even think of sabotaging their relationship? So many people are waiting patiently, and impatiently, for their soulmate to arrive. So why on earth would they sabotage their future together?

There are so many reasons why soulmate sabotage occurs. Soulmate relationships need to have a strong foundation in faith, not fear. When fear takes over, many soulmates will sabotage the relationship on purpose, in order to run away from it. Whether it’s breaking up or being so destructive their soulmate breaks up with them, the intention was clearly there. Whatever fears they’re feeding from they want to end the relationship.

There are also many other soulmate couples behaving in ways that sabotage their relationship. The difference is, these people don’t want the relationship damaged, or destroyed. But they fail to realize their behaviors are soulmate sabotage. For those, we have written 10 examples of soulmate sabotage in an effort to bring awareness before things get too bad.


  1. Having unrealistic expectations. So many people think soulmates are like couples in fairy tales. They meet, and then live happily ever after. But nothing is further from the truth. Sometimes a soulmate will have such high expectations it’s actually a form of soulmate sabotage. They expect their soulmate to be perfect,  never arguing or fighting. And expect their soulmate to agree with them on everything. This is not reality, it is fantasy. Be realistic about your soulmate otherwise you could be unknowingly sabotaging your relationship.
  2. Being too passive or always the peacemaker is another form of soulmate sabotage. You may think you are doing it for the benefit of the relationship, but in truth, you’re not. We’re all capable of saying I’m sorry. And we’re all in the wrong sometimes, and need to accept that. It’s not your job to keep your soulmate from growing and becoming a better person. This can really sabotage the purpose of your soulmate connection.
  3. Another form of soulmate sabotage occurs when you do not address problems. And fix them, before taking your relationship to another level. What was a problem while you were dating, will more than likely be a problem when you live together. That problem, if not corrected, will still be there if you get married or start a family. Don’t move forward with these problems; deal with them and then move forward. Or you could sabotage your soulmate relationship.

    Soulmate Sabotage
    Soulmate Sabotage
  4. Focusing too much on chemistry and attraction as opposed to real compatibility is another example of soulmate sabotage. The sex may be great and the chemistry intense but that’s not enough to keep you together forever. It’s also not a way to fix your problems.
  5. Being overly melodramatic or a drama queen (or drama king) is an all too common form of soulmate sabotage. Constant drama only causes long-term damage. It doesn’t make for long-term bliss. Get rid of the drama and don’t tolerate it. It has no place in a happy soulmate relationship. Only a dysfunctional one.
  6. Soulmate sabotage can also occur if you constantly break up, or threaten to break up, over stupid inconsequential things. This is totally disrespectful to your soulmate and the relationship itself. Your connection was a gift from the universe. If you buy someone a gift and they disrespect it, how happy would you be? Would you ever give them a gift again? Don’t be ungrateful for the gift you’re given, as that gift can be taken away from you.
  7. Constantly keeping score is another great way to sabotage your soulmate relationship. How does feeling the need to constantly “one up” your soulmate create harmony? It doesn’t, so knock it off.
  8. Always needing to be right is another top form of soulmate sabotage. You don’t need to always be right. You don’t always need to go out of your way to prove you are right. This may be one of your soulmate lessons so take your ego down a notch before it’s too late.
  9. Being too comfortable with your soulmate can sabotage your relationship. You may think you can do or say anything you want and get away with it because of your connection. Not so. Don’t give your soulmate the worst of you because they deserve the best. Why would you treat anyone else better than you do your soulmate? Don’t you see this is a form of sabotage?
  10. Being too needy, clingy, or not giving personal space or privacy is detrimental to your soulmate relationship. Being too needy or clingy makes a person feel smothered. People who feel smothered feel the urge to break free. You should also trust them enough to have a respectful level of privacy. If you don’t, the reason for that distrust needs to be addressed.

Whether you are sabotaging your soulmate relationship intentionally, or unintentionally, it is best to address these behaviors if you want your soulmate relationship to continue.