Soulmate Readings for Relationship Sabotage

Soulmate Readings for Relationship Sabotage

Soulmate readings are great way to deal with folks who sabotage their relationships. Relationship sabotage happens a lot more than people realize. Some people are consciously aware they are sabotaging their soulmate relationship but others blindly sabotage a relationship. There are many reasons for sabotaging a soulmate relationship and this is where soulmate readings can help you, or help you help your soulmate, kick relationship sabotage in the butt.

soulmate readings relationship sabotage

Soulmate Readings for Relationship Sabotage

One of the bigger causes of relationship sabotage is trust issues. You, or your soulmate, may have trust issues from a part relationship because your past romantic partner, or partners, were cheaters. You may have had several relationships in succession with  people who were cheaters or players. Likewise your soulmate may have been cheated on continually by his now ex-wife and it is very difficult for him to let go and trust again. Even though you are not the same person and you would never even consider cheating on him, the energy pattern of that past relationship is still present in his life. He may not have truly dealt with her infidelity and now that imprint has moved into your relationship even though you are innocent. Rather than allow things to work themselves out, your soulmate acts out, and sabotages the relationship by being rude and overbearing. This is his way of making sure the relationship can not grow to the place of commitment because he equates commitment with a cheating spouse. Soulmate readings will help you learn new ways of dealing with him and his behavior so you can prevent the sabotage before it happens.

Relationship sabotage also can occur if either you or your soulmate partner did not receive closure in a past relationship. Your last long term relationship may have been painful and confusing. Things were great in the beginning of the relationship, there was a great connection, and you were beginning to plan a future together. Then at six month mark, your guy just disappears. He vanishes. There is no phone call, no email, no text, note or letter. Even though you tried to reach him several times you, he completely ignores you. You have no idea what happened and after a few months realize you will not get closure from this guy. It is still very open ended from your perspective and you wonder if he will ever return. Regardless you decide to move on with your life and now have met a new soulmate partner. Even though you are very connected with the new guy, you still feel a twinge for the one who disappeared and wonder in the back of your mind, what you would do if he ever calls you. Soulmate readings are ideal to help you gain closure from these past hurts, giving you the courage and guidance you need to create closure for yourself. This allows you to move on with your life and into your new relationship.

People also sabotage relationships because of abandonment issues. You have been abandoned, time and again, by everyone you ever loved. You have been deserted not only love interests, but by family and friends as well. Your father may have divorced your mom when you were young and then he disappeared from your life. Your closest friends have moved on with their lives, gotten married, had families and moved away. Boyfriend after boyfriend has ended relationships with you. You have never been he one to end things. And so now, you are the threshold of having this great soulmate relationship with this great guy, but fear he will dump you. You rationalize that it is just a matter of time. Everyone else has bailed, why won’t he. Well, you don’t know that for certain. Rather than facing the challenge and your fears you inadvertently sabotage the relationship. You create conflict in the relationship and sure enough, the relationship ends. The self fulfilling prophecy has been realized.¬† Soulmate readings will cut to the core and help you see if you are sabotaging your relationship because of abandonment issues. During soulmate readings, we will also be able to see if your current soulmate will stay with you and build a beautiful long lasting relationship so you can lay your fears aside and embrace the love he feels for you.

Soulmate readings will help you stop the behaviors that are sabotaging your relationship as well as give you guidance and insight on how to deal with a sabotaging soulmate. Discover what is going on beneath the surface of your relationship to create the sabotage with soulmate readings from Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise. With their many years of experience they will be able to break through barriers, revealing what is really going on in your relationship. Soulmate readings, focused on your and your soulmate, will allow you to bring years of self sabotage to an end.


  1. My soulmate sabotaged our relationship. He had issues with us taking our relationship to the next level and he kept sabotaging it. We have not spoken in a year. I want him back, I cannot move on, and I want to know if he will ever be ready to take things to the next level.

    • you have a lot of questions about your soulmate. Having a private soulmate reading will allow us to provide answers to all these questions

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