Soulmate Empathy: Sharing Your Soulmate’s Feelings

Empathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Most soulmates have empathic connections, so they will experience what their soulmate may be feeling. Having empathy with your soulmate can be very challenging at times. The more open and accepting soulmates are to their connection, the stronger their empathy towards one another. This can be both a blessing and a curse.


An empathic connection between soulmates is similar to the connection between identical twins. They experience the emotions as if they are going through them themselves. When we love and care about someone, we’re sensitive when they’re going through rough times. In a soulmate connection it’s taken to another level. Their joy is our joy. Their triumphs, our triumphs. And their pain, feels like our pain.

Soulmate Empathy
Soulmate Empathy

Even when soulmates are apart the empathy still exists.

For instance, let’s say a soulmate couple is apart because one of them is a runner. The chaser, who the runner is running away from, will be going through a very rough time. The runner may pick up the feelings of their soulmate without realizing what’s happening. If the soulmate runner is awakening to the fact they can’t escape their feelings, they will emotionally hit rock bottom.

These deep feelings of sadness and regret are overwhelming to the runner. Regardless of hiding it from those around them. The soulmate left behind, dealing with their own sadness as it is, can empathically feel what the runner is feeling on top of it!

This can cause debilitating sadness. Emotions wash over them like a wave, suddenly, out of nowhere. They ran from their emotions. but now may experience a double impact of them. Handling our own emotions is hard enough. Handling a soulmate’s emotions as well is impossible. Until you recognize it and deal with it.


Instead of being able to analyze and separate themselves from the feelings that suddenly overwhelm them, they take them on as their own. This is not going to help. So it’s very important if this is happening to you. Take steps to first recognize when emotions overwhelm you that don’t belong to you. Once you can do that, you’re aware of what your soulmate is really going through.

Their social media accounts, friends and family may only be seeing what your soulmate runner wants them to see. You, on the other hand, are privy to the truth. This can be, for soulmates going through a runner experience, a great thing. It’s a sign your soulmate is learning their lessons and examining their feelings. It indicates they’re aware of how much it hurts to be apart and can be a sign they’re coming back soon. When you use the gift of soulmate empathy in that way, it can be a great comfort.

Soulmate empathy is just one level of the deep connection. The true understanding of how each one is feeling, and the ability to share those feelings without words, is profound. So many people feel alone with their emotions and believe no one understands how they really feel. But soulmates truly do understand at the soul level.

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