Is Your Soul Mate Neglecting You or Taking You for Granted?

A soul mate relationship can also suffer from neglect, even though many people believe these relationships are supposed to be perfect. Some couples with a soul mate connection can experience neglect physically and/or emotionally.

Reason would have it that one would think because soul mates have such a strong connection they would never neglect someone who is so special to them. Unfortunately this is wrong, big time wrong. Many soul mates believe that because their connection is so strong it can handle neglect. They take for granted that just because they are connected now, that the connection will just remain constant. Again, not true.

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Does Your Soul Mate Neglect You?

When you are gifted with a soul mate connection, no one should ever take it so much for granted that you just neglect it. If you believe a soul mate would never leave, or end your relationship, no matter what you do or how much you neglect them, you need to think again. If you focus all your time and energy on maintaining every relationship but the one with your soul mate, that neglect may become too much and they will simply leave you. When you are in a relationship with someone who neglects you, you feel ignored, unimportant, and alone. No one appreciates feeling like this, and even with a soul mate connection, they can only take but so much.

Sometimes the connection between soul mates is so overpowering one may actually neglect the other on purpose!  When a soul mate decides to rebel against the connection they share, they may purposely neglect their soul mate emotionally and physically. Is neglect prevalent in your soul mate relationship? Do you sometimes feel like your romantic partner may not be your soul mate because of the neglect? Does your soul mate make other people and things like work a top priority while you are always at the bottom of the pile? Does your soul mate drop everything and have all the time and patience in the world yet cannot find any time for you? Has your relationship lost a considerable amount of communication, quality time, affection and intimacy? Do you almost feel as if you are single sometimes? Does your soul mate rarely if ever share important decisions with you or make you feel part of couple or team? Does your soul mate never make any effort to just call you for no reason, buy you some trinket for no reason, surprise you or hug and kiss you for no reason?

Does your soul mate shut you out of their problems and offer you little support with yours? Have you felt the neglect in your relationship has gotten out of hand? No one likes being taken for granted or wants to suffer through constant and continual neglect. Do you feel like your romantic partner is considerate and compassionate with everyone else but you? Does that neglect make you feel less than everyone else or less in your soul mates eyes? Has your soul mate been so hurt in the past that they neglect you because they are afraid of really opening up to you? Neglect takes on many forms in relationships and can stem from a myriad of reasons.

If you are experiencing the signs of neglect in your soul mate relationship, why not let expert soul mate psychics Sarah and Sophia lend you a hand. With their guidance and practical advice, you can go from being neglected to getting the attention you need both mentally, physically, and emotionally from your soul mate.


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