Signs Your Soulmate is Seeing Someone Else

Are you afraid your soulmate may be seeing someone else? Has your relationship with your soulmate changed out of the blue and you cannot figure out why? What signs should you look out for?

Signs that your soulmate could be seeing someone else~

1.  Does your soulmate keep putting off spending time with you? Is it one excuse after another? Have you argued about the lack of time you are spending together? Is anything being done about it? If your soulmate suddenly doesn’t have any time for you, they may be busy with someone else.

2.  Another sign your soulmate may be seeing other people is that your long-term goals don’t interest them anymore. Let’s say the two of you talked constantly about taking a long trip overseas together. You talked about it all the time and even started saving towards it. Now they don’t bring it up and when you do, they don’t want to talk about it. They may even start talking negatively about it. This could be a sign that they don’t want to make long-term goals with you because they are not going to be around for them.

3.  It could be a sign your soulmate is seeing someone else if recently, out of the blue, they seem emotionally distant from you. Have they withdrawn emotionally and physically from you? Have they gone from hot to cold out of no where? Have you tried expressing your emotions but received nothing back from them? This could be a warning sign that they are no longer emotionally available to you but are to someone else.

Signs Your Soulmate is Seeing Someone Else

Signs Your Soulmate is Seeing Someone Else

4.  If your soulmate has made you feel like he has something to hide, they may be hiding another relationship. If they snap at you for picking up their phone when it was no big deal before, there may be something, or someone, on their phone they don’t want you to see. If they freak out when you look over their shoulder when they are on their computer or tablet, this could be a sign they are up to no good.

5.  Another sign your soulmate may be seeing someone else is if their friends or family also start acting weird around you. They possibly know of the other person, or know that your soulmate plans on leaving you. They may be very uncomfortable with that information and not know how to act around you.

6.  Your sex life, or lack thereof, could be another sign your soulmate is seeing someone else. If your sex life has changed dramatically, and no real reason is offered, it may be time to be concerned. A lack of interest sexually with you could mean they have a sexual interest in someone else.

7.  Is your soulmate interested in what is going on in your life? Have they questioned you about your family, friends, or any other problem you brought up recently? Do they offer advice when you tell them your problems? Are they taking an interest when you talk or do they seem bored? Your soulmate may be too interested in someone else right now to take an interest in you.

8.  Is your soulmate willing to initiate anything with you anymore? A conversation, sex, a text or a phone call? Is it now only you making contact and doing all the initiating? Are they actually avoiding sex, phone calls or conversations? Do they use any excuse to avoid one on one time with you? This could be a sign your soulmate is already creating distance because they have gotten close to someone else.

9.  Has your soulmate talked about breaking up? Have they hinted they no longer know what they want or that things have changed? Even if they don’t break up with you outright, have they given you the feeling they are thinking about it? Sure, they may deny it, but it could be a sign they are seeing someone else.

10.  Has your soulmate suddenly become hard to find these days? Are they not home when they said they would be? Do they no longer answer when you call or take forever to get back to you? Are you not hearing from or seeing them for days or weeks at a time? It could be because they are seeing someone else.

These are not absolute indications your soulmate is seeing someone else and there could be reasons that explain away any of these signs. However, if your gut is telling you something isn’t right, or too many of these signs are showing in your relationship, it is best not to ignore them.

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  1. I found out my soulmate was seeing someone else. I was devastated. Now they are together and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if it is over between us for good or not. I see them on facebook all the time and they seem so happy and it tears my heart apart.

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