Is He My Soulmate? 12 Scenarios to Help You

Is he my soulmate? We have been asked this question for many years by thousands of people seeking validation to the question.  Here are some hypothetical scenarios where we could be asked this very question to allow you to better assess your own relationships.

  1. I am still in love with my ex, and we had this amazing connection, could he be my soulmate? It is possible your ex is your soulmate. Have you changed and become a better person during the break up period? Have you applied yourself to both personal and spiritual growth during the time he is not in your life? Now the greater question is, has he? If he has become a better person during the period of disconnect between the two of you and is putting forth effort to expand his life, the chances are greater that he is your soulmate.
  2. I met this guy at a bar the other night, we exchanged glances a few times and it was so intense. If you do not have any way of contacting or communicating with each other, chances are he is not your soulmate. In order for someone to have the soulmate connection, there needs to be depth, not just glances across a crowded room. There is a chance that this meeting will not be the only time you come in contact with this person. If you bump into him again, he could be your soulmate, and the timing of your first meeting was off.

    is he my soulmate

    Is He My Soulmate?

  3. I get a weekly text message from this guy I had a one night stand with two-years ago, are we meant to be? Again, receiving a text message once a week from a guy you slept with once, does not constitute a relationship, much less a soulmate one. You could have a soulmate connection, but if he is not ready to have a relationship with you now, he is of no use to you right now. Don’t focus on him, instead focus on how you need to handle him and the situation. Please see our article Breaking the Soulmate Connection  for help with this process.
  4. I met this guy online, we have been emailing and talking on the phone for months, is he my soulmate? Now this guy could actually be your soulmate, but you won’t really know until you meet him in person. You can have a great connection through email or on the phone, but you really need to see if the connection is there when you meet in person. It may fizzle, it may be great. But you won’t really know until you meet face to face.
  5. I am in a relationship with this amazing guy, who helped me work through all my abandonment issues, and I was able to teach him about unconditional love.  Yes, he is your soulmate!
  6. Could my soulmate already be married? Of course he can be your soulmate if he is already married. Many times soulmates marry other people before they find each other. On the other hand, he could also be someone just looking for an affair. If this is the case, he is probably not your soulmate.
  7. If he is my soulmate why does he treat me like crap? Unfortunately, sometimes soulmates mistreat each other, or just one of you does. There are also many men who mistreat women just because they are jerks who are not in soulmate relationships. Then again he might just like to act like an asshole.
  8.  He has a girlfriend but we have an amazing connection. Just like the cases with married soulmates, the same applies with girlfriends. Sometimes soulmates meet at the right time so they don’t make a mistake and marry the wrong person. Sometimes they are already in relationships when they meet their soulmate. This presents to them the challenge of leaving that relationship so they can be with their soulmate. Again, this is a lesson in personal growth.
  9. Is he my soulmate if he does not feel the same way about me? In many cases, no. If he does not feel the same way about you now, and is not willing to consider it for the future, than no, he is not a soulmate. If he does not feel the same way about you right now, but things change in the future, yes, he could be your soulmate. Sometimes people fight the reality of soulmates. They choose to ignore the connection or push their soulmate away. They refuse to acknowledge it even to themselves because they are fearful about being in a closely bonded, connected relationship.
  10. Can we be soulmates if our relationship has one problem or issue after the other? Aren’t soulmates supposed to meet and then be happy? Some soulmate relationships are really put to the test and they are supposed to rise about them. Some dysfunctional relationships are filled with tests because they are the wrong relationships and the universe is telling you to get out of them NOW.
  11. How can he be my soulmate if he refuses to change or does not want to? Soulmates, just like everyone else, resist change. People just do not like change. Soulmates can and will change, but you need to look at how you can make changes to get the ball rolling. You may be using the fact that you think he is your soulmate, to hang in there, while he does not change. If you really believe he is your soulmate, you should have the strength to change yourself so that he and the relationship change.
  12. Is he my soulmate if he has an addiction problem? Yes, you can have a soulmate that is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or anything else. But,  just like with every other addict, their disease comes before your soulmate connection. They need to get help and remain clean for your soulmate relationship to move forward and grow.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to discern whether or not someone is your soulmate. You may believe you read the signs and signals right, but the other person just falls short and creates more disappointment and unhappiness in your life. If you are miserable and unhappy, and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, chances are, he is probably not your soulmate.



  1. oh this really did help me out. Is there such thing as a false soulmate or when you think they are and it feels like it but they are not?

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