Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?

Have your soulmates feelings for you changed? Was everything between you wonderful then suddenly, out of nowhere, they announce they don’t feel the same way? This is a common occurrence in soulmate relationships. It happens all the time. And way more often than you think to millions of soulmate couples on the planet.


Many times soulmates feel powerless over their feelings. At the initial meeting, when soulmates collide, that lack of power is exhilarating. They usually allow their emotions to overtake their reason and just enjoy the ride. Everything is perfect, everything is in sync and both soulmates are blissfully happy. Then the soulmates come back to earth with a hard crash as reality sets in. The happiness, bliss and euphoria they were swept away by scares them. And replaced by fear and running from their emotions.

Soulmates often deny the connection at some point. Or at least question it. If the connection is challenged, feelings may be denied, by one or both parties. When this occurs, your soulmate may suddenly tell you their feelings have changed. Or that they no longer feel anything. This is not their reality, it’s based on their denial. We all know that feelings can’t be changed overnight unless one of you does something horrendous to the other. So if your soulmate says their feelings have changed, unless there is a valid reason, such as killing their mother, something isn’t right.

Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?
Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?


You will feel even minor fluctuations in your connection to your soulmate. Is your soulmate behaving as though their feelings have changed? Have they become mean or distant? Or has their behavior changed for the worse? Their feelings may not have changed at all, but it could indicate you’ve been letting them get away with too much. They may also be trying to get the upper hand in your relationship or trying to get you to back off from something.

If you’ve been pressuring your soulmate to end their other relationship so you can be together as a couple, they may pull this stunt on you. Instead of facing the harsh reality that they end their other relationship, its just easier for them to announce their feelings for you have changed. It’s to create fear in you so you will back off, removing the pressure on them to do the right thing for your relationship.


Your soulmate’s feelings may have changed because of bad actions on your part. If you continue to do things they repeatedly warned you about over and over again, they may reach their breaking point. Just because someone has a connection to you doesn’t mean you can get away with murder. Especially if they’re setting healthy boundaries. So don’t give them a good reason to change their feelings for you by continuing to push the envelope.

If soulmates are apart it’s extremely rare their feelings toward you will change in the near future. A soulmate connection is eternal, so they won’t forget you overnight, months or even over years. Anyone who has experienced a soulmate driving them crazy knows this. No matter what they do or how many times they do it, you can’t turn those feelings on and off like a light switch.

If you seriously¬†believe your soulmate’s feelings have changed for you, or fear they may be heading that direction, take a step back. Look at what problems your soulmate is¬†currently experiencing in their personal life. Have you been pressuring them? Are you getting ready to take a big step in your relationship? Are they having problems with work or family? It could simply be their way of taking it out on you.