Has Your Soulmate Lost Their Feelings for You?

Has your soulmate lost their feelings for you? Have they gone from a loving, caring person to a cold, unfeeling one you no longer recognize?

Soulmates, for many reasons, always seem to worry about the other losing their feelings. In some ways it’s understandable. You love your soulmate deeply and you feel deep into that love quickly. But it may be hard to trust your soulmates feelings for you. Any time you have a fight, or don’t have communication for a few days, you assume your soulmate lost their feelings for you. This is not true.


Soulmates tend to love hard and fight hard. Struggles soulmates face cause fear to surface and create insecurity. Worry sets in that one day a soulmate may lose their feelings. They also question how someone who loves them, as much as they claim, could distance themselves, go silent or mistreat them. So they quickly come to the conclusion their soulmate lost their feelings. Otherwise they wouldn’t do this. Again, not true in every case.

Soulmates can misbehave, just like the rest of us. And they’re certainly not on their best behavior when they fight. This is most likely to occur before soulmates have learned their lessons. Even if your soulmate tells you they may be losing their feelings for you, don’t believe them just yet. It could be something they’re saying to manipulate you. Or, it’s something they’re saying to sabotage your relationship for one reason or another.

Has Your Soulmate Lost Their Feelings for You?
Has Your Soulmate Lost Their Feelings for You?

When something like this occurs, take a long, hard look to see what may really be causing this outburst. It may be something deeper or even something they’re avoiding. They may be using their words as a way of distracting you from the real issue. You should be smart enough to assess your relationship. Take a good hard look at what you’ve done or said to know if there’s any good reason for them to say that to you.

If your soulmate claims they’ve lost their feelings and want to move on, you have no choice but to let them. You can’t convince them or beg them to stay. That won’t work in your favor.

You may have to sit still and wait it out for them to sort out their feelings. Likewise you will have to wait until they’re willing to admit they never really lost their love for you. It’s a very hard thing to go through and very painful. You may want to do all you can to stop them from leaving, but this never really works. If someone wants to leave, they will leave. But that does not mean they won’t come back!

Soulmate relationships do not always end permanently. Soulmates break up, and get back together, like all other couples can and do. When soulmates are apart, their feelings don’t shut off automatically. The feelings remain, just as their connection does.

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  1. I was very worried all the time that my soulmates feelings had changed but it seems they were just working through some of their own life lessons at the time.


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