Do Opposites Attract in Soulmate Relationships?

Everyone has heard that opposites attract, but could this possibly be true for soulmate relationships? When people encounter a soulmate for the first time, they are often surprised in many ways. The intensity of the connection is a new experience many would never believe unless it happens to them. There are many unique similarities and synchronicity within the confines of the soulmate bond that might even be a bit shocking. But the biggest surprise they may experience how their soulmate is opposite to them in many ways.

Many soulmates are so similar to each other they could be twins but there are also many who are exact opposites. As it is with soulmates of any kind, alike or opposite, they face a unique set of challenges which are the combined and individual lessons that must be learned. As you may have learned through reading some of our other posts, soul mates are all about the lessons and the evolution of the individual. It is interesting to observe how the opposite traits in soulmates can bring out the best in the couple, or the worst in a couple.

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Do Opposites Attract in Soulmate Relationships?

When daydreaming or envisioning what a soulmate will be like people tend to believe their soulmate will be a mirror of themselves. They assume they will like the same things, share the same beliefs and have similar quirks and traits. They could be very surprised when a soulmate shows up who is their opposite in so many ways. When opposites attract in a soulmate connection, they  can make up for each others’ shortcomings. Where one of them may be a whiz at finances and the other an impulse buyer, a happy medium can be reached. When one of them is outgoing, and the other shy, one can come out of their shell and learn to be more comfortable getting attention and dealing with people. Since soulmate relationships are all about lessons to be learned and bettering ourselves, when soulmates are opposites, there are lots of opportunities to learn, evolve and grow. It may take someone with a special connection, like a soulmate, to encourage that change and provide the lesson, especially if the solo journey is a difficult one.

Soulmate relationships can bring drama and challenges with them as well, and being opposites can bring a lot of opportunities for friction to arrive. If someone meets their soulmate when they have reached a point in their life where they prefer to stay home, they may be extremely challenged by a partner who feels like a caged animal when confined to the house. The constant battling over going out versus staying home may become tiresome. Perhaps the universe put them together for a reason. Could it be they need to get out more, for reasons they are not aware of? Perhaps this would open the door to meet great a business contact that could propel their career forward, or make a lifelong friendship. Whatever the case may be, the universe may be directing them to get outside their comfort zone for a good reason. On the flip side, maybe the universe wants their partying partner to stay home more for reasons that may not be readily apparent. Whatever their reasons, the universe is challenging each soulmate to go outside their comfort zone and provide the opportunity for growth.

Many soulmates get very upset when they find they are on opposite sides of major issues. They feel they should be with someone more like them and that the universe must be playing some sort of sick joke on them. Not true. The differences between two soulmates can bring about change and opportunities in a very positive way. They have to look past the bickering over differences and evaluate why the universe brought this person into their lives. This may not be easy to decipher but with time they will understand.

Are there any traits about you soulmate opposite you admire that could rub off on you? What concessions can you make for your soul mate that can benefit you down the road? Always remember, soulmate relationships are not just about romance, but about opportunities to be your best self. Since no one is perfect, there is something to be learned from being around your opposite. Opposites do attract when it comes to soulmates and they can rise above the friction into relationship bliss if they celebrate their differences instead of fighting about them.


  1. My soul mate and I are very different from one another but we bring out the best in each other!

  2. My soulmate and each other are very much alike! I guess it depends on what your lessons are. Some may need to be opposites in order for those lessons to be learned.

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