Can You Trust Your Soulmate?

Can you trust your soulmate? This depends on whether they’ve done anything to create loss of trust. If not, it may be your own individual trust issues getting in the way of your relationship. Either way, the issue of trust needs to be addressed. Or this relationship won’t be able to grow.


A relationship without trust is a dysfunctional relationship. There needs to be a solid reason backed by evidence. And you need to have a conversation about your lack of trust. Your soulmate may constantly fail to follow through on specific plans you make together. They may promise to spend time with you and fail at that. They may tell you they’ll never bring up certain subjects the next time you fight. But lo and behold, they do it again. And so you find it hard to believe a single word they say anymore.

Promises mean nothing and so does their word. Apologies seem empty because they can’t really be sorry if they keep doing it. If your soulmate lies repeatedly, the same holds true, you can’t believe a word they say. If your soulmate cheats on you, trust goes out the window. What can you do at this point? Can you ever get trust back?

Can You Trust Your Soulmate?
Can You Trust Your Soulmate?


Yes you can. We have seen it happen. It doesn’t happen by magic and it doesn’t happen overnight. But it does happen. Both of you must commit to working on the trust problem. And you both have to agree to work on it long-term. You must have an understanding of how fragile the relationship is right now. You must be realistic and realize it’s going to take time to rebuild lost trust. One soulmate can’t do it alone, it will take both of you working together.

A good idea would be to get together and talk about where the trust was broken. Don’t rehash and argue, just point out the areas causing the destruction. And then take some time to listen to the person whose trust is violated. Don’t make any promises. They’ve heard promises before. And they don’t believe them especially from someone who has broken them over and over again. After they you talk, the other soulmate needs to understand these are serious issues. If they don’t address them and make changes, this relationship will go from dysfunctional to volatile. And now it stands a good chance of ending.


The best thing to do is to write a contract together. All behaviors that need to change should be listed on this contract. Both parties have to agree and express what they each need. This needs to be about trust. So leave all other issues out for now. The focus needs to remain on rebuilding the trust. Once the list is compiled, each should take a copy and read it over themselves. Then each of you should initial each item showing you understand and agree. The time for questions or clarity would be now, not later. Each of you gets a copy and agree going forward this is a new start. The past is gone, and forgotten. This can help the two of you start fresh and begin to trust one another again.


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  1. I wish I had of read this article 8 months ago. I literally met the man of my dreams 2 yrs ago. The connection was instant and EVERYTHING seemed to fit into place. However he had alot of issues he had to deal with from very nasty ex. We dealt fairly weĺ mm ost times but sometimes it took its toĺl on both of us. I began running away to give space for us to deal with the issues. Things came to a head one Tuesday night, abig arguement and I left. However the next day we both started to come to our senses. He worked from 8 to 4 and I was working nightshift so we could only message each other. On the Thursday we messaged and literally everyhing fell into place. I took 6 days starting on friday morning. My sweetheart messaged at 5.35p.m told me he loved me and tomorrow was the beginning of the rest of our lives together. He sounded so happy as was I. 1st time I was late to work and couldnt msg hi mm back till 7.12 p.m. He never answered and I thought he had fallen asleep. Hrs later still not answering I became worried. I went home and found my darling had a massive heart an hour before he got my message telling him I loved him. Now all those troubles seemed so pointless. Life can be very cruel sometimes. Nearly 6mths later and it doesnt get easier


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